How To Tell Someone They Need To Get Rid Of Body Hair

Body hair usually starts to increase at the onset of puberty. This is when the body undergoes major physical changes that involve the growing of hair in certain parts of the body.

A mature adult has typically armpit hair, pubic hair, leg, and arm hair, among others. Conventionally, most people nowadays remove their body hair.

But some people still have body hair, and in some cases, they may not even be aware that removing it is a possibility.

So, how do you tell someone they need to get rid of body hair without embarrassing both you and them?

Woman with armpit hair
There is no health reason for someone to remove body hair. It is just a modern-day fashion.

Don’t tell someone

In the majority of cases, it is none of your business if someone else wants to grow their body hair. They have made a decision not to remove it and that is their choice. And, you should respect that choice.

Unless it is affecting them hygienically or medically, then there should be no reason at all that you even attempt to tell them.

Even if it is a medical or hygiene issue, you should just present that as a suggestion rather than telling them to do it. And realistically there are VERY few occasions when hair removal would improve health or hygiene.

Telling Someone Without Embarrassment

Telling someone to shave or remove their body hair isn’t easy. It’s a very private issue and you will need to know this individual on a very personal level.

You need to use logic to convince a person that they need to shave. So, you need to furnish them with information regarding the benefits of removing body hair.

In the vast majority of cases, the only advantage of removing body is that in today’s society, body hair is seen by some as less aesthetically pleasing.

armpit covered by flower
There is really no benefit to removing body hair apart from aesthetic reasons.

Tell Them They’ll Look Better

It’s clear that most people remove body hair because they want to look better. The removal of body hair also helps to make the cleaning process easier.

As a result, dirt and dead cells will easily get eliminated from the skin.

It also means that their skin will easily get nourished by body lotions.

So, you can start by telling them how much better their skin will look.

It Makes Tanning Easier

A shaved body makes tanning much easier. If you want to look cute and well-bronzed, shaving body hair is usually advisable. Advise the person on how lack of body hair means a good tan will be easier. It should be noted that a body that’s covered with hair is significantly more difficult to tan compared to exposed skin.

woman sunbathing exposing armpits
An advantage of removing body hair is that it exposes more skin to the sun and therefore makes it easier to tan.

Eliminates body odor

It should be noted that hair in certain parts of the body contains secretion glands. Additionally, hair on private parts and underarms help to create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Besides that, the vagina also produces secretions.

The combined effect of all these can lead to a nauseating body odor.

If you tend to perspire a lot, then sweat and hair can result in an unpleasant body smell. So overall, removing hair helps to minimize the chances of bacterial growth and reduces body odor.

However, realistically, if you practice normal hygiene then it shouldn’t make a difference.

woman with grapefruit over pubic area.
The importance of hygiene in your pubic area can not be overstated.

It produces a Smooth and Nice Feeling

Removing body hair, especially by waxing, provides a smooth feeling. This can be pleasant for a partner.

However, a person shouldn’t do it for another individual. You need to tell them that the personal satisfaction they will experience will be great.

It makes it Easier to Wear Certain Outfits

Wearing swimsuits, short dresses, or sleeveless tops becomes a hard task if you have body hair. Naturally, women are conscious of their bodies. But having body hair on legs and armpits can easily draw unwanted attention.

By getting rid of body hair, females can move around feeling confident.

Additionally, this can help to improve sensual experiences.

Improving Facial Profile

Is your friend having a bushy brow line that is making them look clumsy?

You can advise them to get that fixed at a beauty salon.

Tell them how a well-shaped brow zone can help to improve their whole face.

Note: Eyebrow hair removal is a global trend. This is something that has been happening in the beauty industry for decades.

Females from all walks of life normally trim their eyebrows to give them a personalized and neater look.

tweazing eyebrow hair
In some cultures, keeping your eyebrows neatly trimmed is very important both for men and for women.

It Helps to Enhance Feminine Beauty

Females, just like males, can grow body hair in areas such as the chest, breast, neck, legs, hands, and face. While body hair typically grows in these regions in small amounts in women, sometimes it may grow in excess.

If someone has excess body hair in these parts, you can convince them that the removal process can enhance their feminine beauty.

For Modesty Purposes

Research indicates that many people think body hair in women should only be limited to the pubic area. So, any slight display can highlight something different, including sensuality.

Body Hair Removal as a Form of Therapy

Some females don’t shave because of emotional turmoil. Stress and certain medical disorders can make a person neglect themselves. You can recommend the removal of body hair as a form of therapy.

Clean and smooth-textured skin helps to boost confidence. Generally, it can help to enhance the level of personal comfort.

Clean Hands and Legs are Attractive

Men love women with clean and well-shaved body hair. Normally, they consider them more attractive. So, you can tell a person that removing body hair can also get them special attention from men.

Improving the Skin’s Complexion

A lot of people don’t know that shaving can actually help to improve the skin’s complexion. Once you get rid of body hair, there are high chances that your skin will end up looking better.

So, you can convince someone that their skin’s overall health will actually improve and they will end up enjoying a bright and glowing natural complexion.

Reasons Why Some People Don’t Get Rid Of Body Hair

Removing body hair is considered conventionally sophisticated. That’s why modern women want to remove their body hair.

But, before you approach someone, understand that there are many reasons why they may not prioritize body hair removal.

It’s an Activity that takes Effort

To most females, shaving is a chore.

You need to create time and personal space in order to do this. Additionally, there is a strong reason to say that there is no point in doing it because the hair grows back within a couple of weeks.

It’s Painful

Some people fear the discomfort that comes with the removal of body hair.

Shaving, for instance, can result in cuts.

Other techniques can result in skin redness, inflammation, and irritation.

It should be noted that some of these techniques may require the use of a numbing cream or painkiller, e.g. threading. This is because they are extremely painful.

The Process is Time-Consuming

Research studies show that on average, females normally use 72 days to shave in their lifetime. Most females avoid the removal of body hair because the process is time-consuming.

The fast pace of modern life which is characterized by tight work schedules makes it harder for people to create time for themselves.

This means that some people may opt not to shave because there is so much that can be done within that bracket of time.

It’s Expensive

If you are shaving, you need to buy a pack of disposable razors.

This is because you will frequently be shaving.

Waxing and shaving creams are not cheap, either. You might need to use them alongside other essential oils.

Additionally, you need to have a moisturizer for your skin after you have removed the body hair. This is because body hair normally traps moisture which hydrates the skin.

So, once you have removed it, you need to get a good moisturizer to promote hydration. Lastly, some techniques such as laser treatment require expensive equipment and well-trained personnel.

Body Hair is Natural

It should be noted that body hair is natural. Human beings are mammals; hence they need body hair.

For instance, it’s crucial in regulating the body’s temperature. When the body temperature is hot, the hair usually stands to facilitate faster heat dissipation.

The converse of this process is also true.

When temperatures are very low, the hair lies down in order to trap air. This air is a good insulator hence it helps to prevent heat from leaving the body.

Reducing the chances of skin infections

Having body hair makes you less vulnerable to skin infections. For this reason, people with skin sensitivity issues or allergies often avoid removing their body hair.

The irritation, cuts, and redness that may arise from removal may flare up certain skin infections.

Protective Shield

Genital regions need to have pubic hair because it acts as a protective shield. Pubic hair is crucial in preventing access to bacteria and other forms of dirt.

Increased Production of Pheromones

A nice fragrance can be a huge turn-on. But did you know that some people keep their body hair to increase the production of pheromones?

It should be noted that the natural smell of some people can help them attract potential mates.

For instance, pubic hair normally enhances the production of pheromones thanks to their location.

Lower Chances of Skin Irritation

You notice that areas with high amounts of body hair normally have soft skin.

This is because the skin in those parts is sensitive.

So having body hair helps to reduce the chances of friction and irritation.

Additionally, these regions normally have coarser hair. This makes their removal even more difficult because you risk experiencing cuts and ingrown hairs.

Reducing Sweat

Both armpit and pubic hair can help to reduce sweat significantly.

We all want to smell nice throughout the day. But moving from one place to another as well as the external temperature, can lead to high production of sweat.

Body hair sometimes provides an effective and natural way of staying dry.

Sexual Sensation

There are females who find one of the best sexual feelings is getting your body hair stroked. Pubic hair, for instance, contains nerve endings. This means that slighting stroking it can heighten sexual tension and lead to better orgasms.

Breaking Societal Norms

Some females are not concerned with societal norms. Removal of body hair is a trend that these modern women adopt.

There is an expected idea that a woman needs to have a smooth, hair-free body. This is the only agreed form of beauty that everyone should follow.

Well, there are some people who are ready to change this conversation.

They simply want to exist as they are, without following or using societal norms. So, they don’t shave because they don’t want to.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways how to tell someone they need to get rid of body hair. However, it is usually not an easy process. This is because a person’s body belongs to them.

So whatever they choose to grow it, it shouldn’t be your concern. Sometimes, it may be seen as a rude way of intruding into a person’s personal space.

So, before you tell a person to shave their body hair, you need to consider your relationship.

Are you lovers, tight friends, or close relatives?

If so, do you frequently share personal or intimate information?

And if so, how can you tell them they need to get rid of their body hair?

The most important thing to do is to first ask them why they don’t remove their body hair.

It could be for medical reasons, negligence as a result of emotional turmoil, or lack of knowledge.

From there, you can proceed to tell them the benefits of getting rid of body hair.

Thereafter, you can recommend some of the most effective techniques to use. Make sure that you are polite and apologize beforehand for any offense.

Female Body Hair Removal


All healthy human beings have body hair. Whether it’s an infant or an older person, these hairs are spread throughout the body. What causes a difference in their concentration and causes excessive body hair is age and gender. Both girls and boys normally begin to experience a higher level of concentration at the onset of puberty. However, the amount of body hair may decline with age. But is it possible to hide body hair? Is body hair removal an option, and if so, what are some hair removal methods?

Although we will not discuss hair removal methods at length, below is an overview of different types of body hair removal techniques you can use to hide them completely.

Types of Body Hair

They are two (sometimes 3) types of women’s body hair, and they include:

1. Terminal Body Hair

armpit hair
Terminal hair is found in the armpit or in other regions that start growing hair around puberty.

This is a thick and long hair that’s pigmented. Although hair is found on the face and scalp, you can still find terminal hair in the armpits and the pubic region. This type of body hair is sometimes referred to as puberty hair. This is because a change usually influences its growth in hormones that occur at puberty.

Puberty usually ranges between ages 8-15 years. During puberty, the growth of this type of hair is mainly on the pubic region and the armpits. For boys and young men, their facial hair will grow during the later stages of puberty.

2. Vellus Body Hair

Vellus Hair
Vellus Hair is a wispy kind of hair that we start having from birth and develops as we get older.

This type of hair starts to grow during early childhood. Vellus is a wispy type of hair that normally covers all parts of the body. Its main role is to keep the body warm. But besides that, it helps to protect the skin. The thickness and length of vellus hair will differ from one person to the next.

Some people have visible vellus hair, and you can even see it under natural light. This is particularly the case with facial hair. On others, it won’t be visible because it’s thin and the hair is less pigmented.

It’s possible to confuse vellus and terminal hair. This is because both of them have the same structure. It should be noted that both terminal and vellus hair grow from hair follicles. However, the latter doesn’t contain the medulla – the hair core’s portion which helps to strengthen and enhance its growth.

3. Lanugo Hair

Lanugo Body Hair
Lanugo hair covers a fetus and is fairly unusual in grown adults, although it can be connected to anorexia.

What Is Lanugo

Lanugo is the first type of hair that grows from hair follicles and is usually unpigmented. It is very thin, soft, downy hair. It has some deep resemblance to fur. But this temporary hair is normally replaced by vellus hair before the baby is born.
This type of hair is common in human babies, people who suffer from congenital tumors (aka teratomas), and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Lanugo Baby

This is a unique or special type of hair that normally covers the fetus and newborns.
During the development of a human fetus in the womb, lanugo grows as a natural part of gestation. Its purpose is to hold the vernix to the skin and protect damage to the skin from the amniotic fluid.
Lanugo usually sheds before birth but often remains after birth and falls off later.

Lanugo Anorexia

You can also find lanugo hair in anorexic women.
A tell-tale sign of malnutrition such as anorexia or bulimia is lanugo because lanugo’s function is to protect the skin and body.
This is the same reason why lanugo re-surges in older adults. To protect their skin.

The Distribution of Body Hair

Different parts of the body have different types of body hair. Below is a comprehensive outline that highlights the distribution of body hair. There are many different ways to remove body hair. However, we have tried to concentrate on the best ways to remove body hair from different parts of the body.

Pubic hair:

Images of female body hair including pubic hair. Keeping it kid-friendly for our younger audience.
Images of female body hair, including pubic hair. Keeping it kid-friendly for our younger audience.

This is usually coarse hair that’s found in the genital areas. The growth of pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity, and it occurs in both sexes.

Armpits hair:

It is just like pubic hair because it’s coarse. Armpit hair also signals the start of adulthood. With the release of the safety razor, people now shave their armpits frequently.

Arms hair:

It normally grows on the elbow and forearm area. The type of hair that’s found here is terminal.

Chest and abdomen area:

Both men and women normally grow vellus hair in these regions. It should be noted that women can also grow terminal hair on their breasts around the areola. Men normally have lots of vellus hair around the chest and abdomen compared to women. Note that the concentration of this hair may increase with age.

Facial hair:

It’s more prominent in men, although women also have it. Facial hair may start as non-vellus. Men naturally can grow beards. However, some women may also grow them as a result of menopause. Many women take the option of body hair removal to solve this problem.

Feet and Leg Hair:

They normally start growing at the onset of puberty. However, they are more prominent in men compared to women. It should be noted that most people shave their leg hair because of societal pressure. In today’s world, women with hairy legs are usually frowned at.

Body Hair Growth Pattern

It’s important to know how to hide body hair. However, it’s also crucial to know the growth patterns. This will make the process of hiding them easier. The two main types of body hair that humans have are terminal and vellus hairs. They have the same growth patterns, which normally happen in three phases.

1. Anagen:

During this period, hair growth is at its peak. It’s generally a period of active growth, and the hairs normally grow longer. However, terminal hair usually has a longer anagen period compared to vellus hair.

2. Catagen:

This is a transition phase. Catagen is characterized by the hair follicles retracting. The process means that there will be a limited blood supply, and therefore, it’s very easy for hair to fall out.

3. Telogen:

This is a period where the body’s hair stops growing. It’s a resting phase.

How to Hide Body Hair And Body Hair Removal

Hiding Body Hair

It’s possible to forget shaving your legs or any other body part. However, sometimes we intentionally avoid shaving because of demanding schedules or medical issues. So, what if you have not shaved and need to attend a public event? As much as some people may find body hair a turnoff, this doesn’t mean that you should shave. So, how can you effectively hide or completely remove body hair?

1. Makeup Application

The use of makeup foundation can help to hide body hair. Darker foundation can come in handy, especially if you are trying to hide facial hair. It helps to cover thick and darker hair effectively. On the other hand, a lighter foundation means that the body hair will easily stick out, thereby creating a mess.

2. Stockings

If you wish to safely and effectively hide your leg hair, then use stockings or pantyhose. These are light clothing which you can wear with nearly all types of clothes. They are also easily available to find in petrol stores, supermarkets, and other local convenience stores.

3. Fully Cover-Up or Wear Darker Clothes

You can wear shirts with long sleeves and trousers to cover up. Additionally, darker clothing can be efficient in hiding unwanted body hair. Besides that, they help to shade the color of the body hair perfectly. This is because they generally make your skin appear darker.

The Politics of Feminine Body Hair

What They Say...
What They Say…

There is so much pressure for females to look in a certain delicate way. That’s why so many women go through rigorous regimes to look their best. For starters, let’s take a look at the pubes. Unless you are in a bikini, there’s no way someone can get a glimpse of what’s there. But people normally shave their pubes completely. Others even do waxing.

Having clean genitals is definitely very important. But have you ever wondered what some of the benefits of pubes are? Well, having body hair in your private region is for protective purposes. Pubic hair helps to protect the sensitive vagina. This helps to reduce the chances of bacterial infection.

Normal Vs. Abnormal Hair Growth in Women

Naturally, women have vellus and terminal hairs. So, it’s not easy to determine excessive hair growth. It’s a normal thing for a feminine person to have fine hair all over the body. It’s also usual for them to have armpit and pubic hair. Some of them even have hairy legs and faces.

However, some may have abnormal hair in excess. This is usually characterized by thicker and darker hair in regions such as the chest, chin, and stomach. Abnormal hair growth in women involves thick hair growing in many parts of the body. In fact, they may have a pattern of male hair growth.

Interesting Facts about Body Hair

Covering body hair can come in handy, especially if you don’t want to shave. To help you understand more about it, here are some interesting facts:

Body Hair Lasts for a Short Period

Compared to the hair on your head, body hair lasts for a shorter period. Its lifespan is usually around 6 months. Additionally, they only grow a few inches long.

You Shed Them Daily

A normal human being normally sheds between 100 and 150 strands of body hair daily. However, the same hair strands will grow within a day or so. The recycling process happens daily. This body hair removal is natural.

Boob Hair Is Not Something Strange

Today I learned…unporn is actually a thing! But seriously, we have to obey stringent rules of conduct, so this will have to do.

If you are a woman, do not be alarmed because you have hair on your breasts. This is a common thing that almost every woman experiences. Girls in puberty normally grow hair in the region that’s near the areola.

Body Hair Consists of Muscles

It’s interesting to know that body hair also contains muscle cells. In fact, this is what makes them stand on their end.

Technically, there are three types of body hair. Although terminal and vellus hairs are the most common, lanugo is also considered body hair.

The Color of Your Body Hair Can Indicate Genetic Disorders

It is said that women with blonde hair have a higher concentration of estrogen. Additionally, it said that they also higher chances of experiencing learning problems. On the other hand, brunettes are more likely to smoking addicts.

Pubic Hair has a Weird Smell.

Pubic hair is a terminal hair that contains the sebaceous gland. Note that these glands normally produce sweat. Additionally, they produce secretions that protect the private parts from germs, but the secretions also create body odor.

Your Eyelashes Might Have Mites

Demodex are types of mites that are found in eyelashes. A large percentage of people have them, but they are harmless.

Over 50 Percent of People Shave Their Armpits and Pubic Hair Or Use Another Type Of Body Hair Removal

Studies show that most women normally shave their pubes. Additionally, over 50 percent of guys prefer women with no pubes. However, it should be noted that less than 20 percent of guys actually shave their pubic area.

Benefits of Body Hair

Some people don’t want to shave their body hairs. This is why they are clearly interested in finding techniques on how to hide them. Well, if you are going to keep your body hair, here are some of the benefits you can experience.

Regulating of Body Temperature

Regulating Body Temperature Is Very Important

Body hair helps to regulate temperature. When the temperature is low, they will stand up and trap air. This helps to create an insulation surface. As a result, the trapped air prevents warmth from leaving the body. When it’s hot, the converse happens. The hair lies down to ensure that the body releases as much heat as possible.

Improving Your Chances of Getting Orgasms

Having pubic hair can help to improve your chances of getting orgasms significantly. Did you know that each hair follicle has tiny nerve endings at the base? So, slight friction can help increase sexual sensation. This means that shaving actually reduces your chances of experiencing orgasms.

Increased Production of Pheromones

Research studies show that body hair helps to enhance the production of pheromones. These hormone-like chemicals can help to attract the attention of potential sexual partners.

Lower Chances of Skin Infection

Shaving, waxing, threading, and other forms of hair removal increase your chances of getting skin infections. This is because they normally leave the skin exposed and susceptible to bacteria. Additionally, the whole process can cause cuts and skin irritation.

Reduced Chances of Unwanted Rashes

If you engage in intense physical activities, then the chances are that you sweat a lot. But having armpit hair helps to reduce unwanted rashes as well as the chaffing that comes with sweating.

The Bottom Line

Societal pressure means that a lot of people normally shave their body hairs. In fact, several methods can be used for body hair removal. Some have a short-term effect, while others are long-lasting.

Demanding schedules and personal preferences are actually some of the reasons that make people not shave. However, having body hair isn’t bad. In fact, it has a lot of benefits. All you have to do is to ensure that your body is clean. Besides that, you can wear certain clothing or makeup foundation to hide them.