7 Foods You Can Eat For Thinner Body Hair

Do you find that your body hair grows thicker than you want? Or maybe it sprouts up in embarrassing places? Unwanted body hair is a common problem that no one wants to experience. It can happen on areas like legs, arms, and armpits, or in more visible areas like your face and back. Finding an effective way to thin out undesirably thick hairs is difficult, especially if you don’t want to remove them entirely. But, there are many foods you can eat aid in thinning unruly body hair.

Hirsutism is the word that describes excessive hair growth. Several things including hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, menopause, and polycystic ovary syndrome, exacerbate this problem. Diet also plays a massive part in excessive hair growth, and eating certain foods will naturally thin your overly thick body hair.


How exactly does your diet affect hair growth?

There are many ways that food influences how much hair your body grows. Firstly, overeating will make you gain weight, and being overweight is a contributing factor to an increase in your androgens and testosterone production. These two hormones directly link to an increase in the way your hair grows. A diet too high in carbs and sugars makes it likely that you may develop insulin resistance. To lessen the chance of developing hirsutism, eat fewer sugars and white flour.

Foods You Can Eat For Thinner Body Hair.

1. Green Tea:

Green tea is an extremely healthy drink that you should try to consume daily. Numerous research studies suggest that polyphenols from green tea lessen the presence of a hormone linked to thicker body hair. If you add lemon to your drink, it will up the EGCG that your body absorbs, making it even more useful.

2. Lettuce:

Leafy lettuce is a helpful food for thinning overly thick body fuzz. Salad has much chromium, a mineral that regulates blood sugar and lessens the amount of insulin your body produces. Lettuce is also a smart weight-loss food, which means you should be eating more of it every day. Greens like lettuce are high in magnesium, which is proven effective at thinning excessive body hair.

You should try eating a fresh salad for lunch or as a side with dinner. Doing this will be beneficial for your health in general and will help you to shed any unwanted body hair. Adding a salad to meals is also an excellent way to fill up without gaining any weight.

It is important to watch what kinds of dressing you opt for because some are high in calories. Balsamic vinegar makes a great topping and has practically no fat when you compare it with other varieties of store-bought dressings. Or, you can always choose a low-fat option to compliment the weight-losing benefits of eating greens.

3. Apricots:

Apricots are full of healthy B complex vitamins. You get plenty of Vitamins B3, B5, and B6 from eating just one apricot per day, which is why you should consume one every chance you get. These three vitamins combined promote weight loss and reduce hair growth in unwanted places like the face and back. B vitamins also help to balance out your hormones, which will thin your body hair even more.

4. Barley:

Whole grains like barley are incredibly beneficial to your overall health. Barley has a minimal GI ranking, which means it doesn’t play havoc with your blood sugars. Barley is the perfect carb for increasing energy that won’t cause your sugar levels to fly all over the board. Eating cereal or bread high in the grain is healthier than eating foods like white bread, which has the wrong kind of carbs.

White bread and other sugary foods have lots of simple carbs. These are the kind you want to avoid because they break down and turn to sugar very quickly once you consume them. Complex carbs like barley take longer for your body to breakdown after you’ve eaten them. The results are more energy and less sugar in your system.

5. Chicken

Skinless chicken breasts are healthy, protein-rich food. You can eat chicken breasts all day long and still lose weight, making it an excellent choice for hirsutism. Chicken breasts are also abundant in Vitamins B3 to B6, which both combat excessive hair. Try having chicken breasts for dinner with a side of spinach for a super-powered, hair-fighting entree.

6. Tuna

If you’re battling with excessive hairiness, try adding a little tuna to your diet. Tuna is a low-fat choice that offers carb-free protein. This means you can eat lots of it without weight gain. Fish is also high in B vitamins that lessen hair growth in unwanted places. Just be sure that you aren’t overeating the tuna because it contains mercury and other kinds of metals.

7. Spinach

Leafy green foods like spinach and lettuce contain healthy magnesium, though spinach is vibrant with 20% of your DV for every 100 grams. Many research studies suggest a link between magnesium deficiency with insulin resistance. So, not eating enough magnesium-rich foods could easily cause you to have unusually thick body hair. By increasing your spinach intake, it will combat the fuzz growing on your body.


Hopefully, the information on this page will help you in achieving your desired results and thin out any unwanted body hair.

It’s important to remember that eating a healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals will help you to live a happy life. The proverb, “you are what you eat,” couldn’t be any more accurate!

Be sure to get lots of B vitamins from the foods you consume and try to avoid sugar and high-carb dishes. Junk food is the worst thing for your body and promotes unwanted hair growth in places like your face, back, and body.

With the right diet, you will notice incredible results and feel more confident once your body hair has toned down. It’s tough dealing with excessive hair, especially for women.