Best Bikini Alternatives

Once you become a bit older, you may no longer feel comfortable going to the beach or a swimming pool in a bikini. What was once very pleasurable to wear, suddenly becomes a bit embarrassing as you become more self-conscious and the need to find bikini alternatives presents itself.
Although there is no perfect shape of a body, some bikini alternatives actually look better and sexier than a bikini. Less Skin Can Sometimes Be More!

Whatever reason you have for looking for an alternative, here are some that you can choose from:

1. Swimming Dress

A swimming dress can both look great and be very comfortable alternative to a bikini

A swim dress is a bathing suit with a flair of a mini-dress. It is comparable to a one-piece swimsuit but offers more coverage over the thighs. While a one-piece leaves the complete leg uncovered, a swim dress will cover the upper portion of your hips. This offers an alternative for those who may not feel comfortable with the presentation of a conventional swimsuit. The loose-fitting silhouette will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Swim dresses come in a variety of diverse styles and shapes. They vary widely with an assortment of neck areas, straps, hemlines, prints, and colors. Swim dresses too offer built-in bolsters and control to shape your figure.

2. Beach Skirts As A Bikini Alternative

Another fashionable bikini alternative is the beach skirt. Beach Skirts can be a great way to cover up parts that you want to and leave others exposed to the sun.

Beach skirts originate from sarongs from Asian, East African, and pacific islands. They can be both sexy and protect your skin from the sun while accentuating a woman’s curves.
The swim dress comes in a multitude of varieties of color, sizes, patterns, and styles. They made of a thin, light fabric, often with decorative fringing.
Wearing a beach skirt will hide that which could make you feel conscious about your skin such as skin tags, moles, varicose veins, and blemishes.

3. Swim Suit

A swimsuit is a great alternative to a bikini and also very common and popular.

If you have a great physique and have hair or skin imperfections on your torso, then a swimsuit is a good alternative to a bikini.
Most swimsuits have the head, shoulders, arms, and legs exposed.
There is a multitude of swimsuit styles that vary in coverage and fabrics. Your choice of style depends on your modesty, personal preference, and current fashion cues.

4. Beach Pants

Pants are becoming more popular on the beach and by the pool as an alternative for a swimsuit or bikini

If you have a great body, but want to hide hair or skin imperfections on your legs, then beach pants is the best bikini alternative for you.
Beach pants are fashionable and let you step out of your regular trouser habits.

5. The Scuba Suit

A simple scuba suit can be a great alternative to a bikini which is also modest.

Scuba suites are made from spandex or lycra. They are a great way to hide hair and skin imperfections while compressing loose skin and body fat to give your body a more ‘toned’ look.
It may be a great alternative to a bikini, but we would not recommend wearing a scuba suite on a hot day

6. The Burqini

A cross between a bikini and a burka

As a more comfortable and stylish alternative to scuba suits and bikinis, a burqini is a modest type of swimwear that is fashionable and allows you to hide all that which makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself. The burqini covers the whole body except the face, hands, and feet. It is light enough for swimming and has a great look to it

If you do decide that you want to wear a bikini but don’t want to do a painful wax, then check out some bikini wax alternatives.