About Us


I started Tommy Timmy to help people look and feel young and vibrant for as long as possible.

As I got into my sixties, I started noticing that my skin was changing (and not for the better.)  Skin tags were appearing on my neck. As I became more conscious of my skin I also noticed darker ‘sun’ spots on my face and even more on the backs of my hands and forearms. I had to do something but really couldn’t afford to spend thousands on treatments with dermatologists.

After my sons left for college, I started a new career in the skin care industry. With all my knowledge and contacts I knew there had to be a way to harness the very latest technology used by dermatologists to create home-use personal products.  And that’s exactly what we have been able to achieve.

We’re still a small company, but my driving passion is to help as many people as possible to feel confident about themselves, without having to spend a fortune, at dermatologist’s offices, laser centers or purchasing over-priced skin care products and devices at retail stores.

Since we sell directly to you, and bypass the retail store, our prices are much more affordable than the brands you can get at department stores. We also don’t hire celebrities to endorse our products so that’s another way we can keep our prices really affordable.

I hope you enjoy using our products and achieve amazing results. I’d love to hear of your successes so please share your experiences.

Sue Hawthorne

Founder and CEO, Tommy Timmy