Does Apple Cider Vinegar Remove Skin Tags?

Apple Cider Vinegar Remove Skin Tags?

The short answer is…yes…apple cider vinegar removes skin tags. However, I should read more about the dangers that are involved.

How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Made?

If you ferment apple juice, then you will make apple cider vinegar. You need to crush the apples and then squeeze all of the juice out. Fermentation allows the sugars from the fruit to turn into alcohol, converted into vinegar later in the process. Apple cider vinegar has been an effective medicine for centuries in healing and other medical applications, including skin tags.

Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar has been known for a long time to be beneficial in skincare. There are also many other uses, such as preserving food and sterilizing wounds to prevent infection. When using apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags, the acidic properties of the vinegar will break down the tissue of and around the skin tags—eventually, the skin tag to fall off naturally without surgery or chemicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Skin Tags

Naturally, removing skin tags is better as some people believe that the chemicals are dangerous or damage their skin.

There is no evidence whatsoever that apple cider vinegar removes skin tags. There have been many cases where people have attempted and ended up with chemical burns or even layers of skin coming off. The bad reaction is because of the breakdown of tissue that occurs upon applying the apple cider vinegar to the surface.


Applying apple cider vinegar to the skin for long periods can result in severe inflammation and scarring.

In a case in 2015, a woman applied apple cider vinegar on her mole every day for three weeks and put a bandage over it. The mole did fall off, but a few layers of skin also fell off, causing long-term damage and scarring to the area. The damage was most likely due to the acidity. The acid eats the skin and obliterates it, causing the mole to fall off and causing severe damage to the surface.

Skin does regrow, but the new skin will not cover the deep scars. Had the process been done for longer than three weeks, repairing the missing skin would need skin grafts. There would be much damage to the skin that it would no longer grow in that area without the help of plastic surgery. Avoiding surgery in the first place is the main reason people choose to attempt using apple cider vinegar to remove their skin tags.

Many people have caused chemical burns to their skin by using apple cider vinegar in excess and using bandages and other materials to keep the chemical on their skin. There have not been too many scientific research studies on the effects of skin tags. But experience shows that it could work without causing harm if done correctly and in moderation. However, this would most likely take much longer than other processes and could still result in scarring and chemical burns.


There are other approaches to removing skin tags that should be done rather than applying apple cider vinegar directly to your skin. You can buy skin tag removal devices approved by the FDA in stores or online. Alternatively, you can visit your local dermatologist and have the skin tag removed professionally. Seeing a professional will prevent any damage or infection to the site of the skin tag.


Although we have advised you NOT to use apple cider vinegar on the skin to remove skin tags,  if you choose to do this knowing the risks, there are ways to make sure it is a little safer. First, make sure that you are not covering the skin tag once you have applied the vinegar. Forcing the vinegar to remain on your skin for long periods can cause chemical burns and other issues. Only keep the vinegar on the area for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and then make sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water. Do not allow the vinegar near your eyes or touch your eyes with the vinegar on your hands.

Using Other Vinegar To Remove Skin Tags

Just as we don’t advise apple cider vinegar, we also don’t suggest that you use any other vinegar for skin tags. Vinegar will not remove skin tags but could harm you from the acidity of the vinegar.

Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags are not generally harmful, and there is no reason to remove them for health reasons. It is much better to wait until you can purchase a device that can remove your skin tags safely or wait until you can visit the dermatologist. Properly removing a skin tag will prevent severe skin problems even if you have to wait longer. Some of these skin problems are irreversible or very expensive to repair. They are typically considered elective procedures because they aren’t carried out for health reasons alone.