At What Age is Skin “Mature”? (You May Be Surprised)

When it comes to aging skin, we’re all concerned about maintaining that youthful glow. You may be wondering at what age skin is considered “mature.” The surprising answer is that skin …..

When it comes to aging skin, we’re all concerned about maintaining that youthful glow. You may be wondering at what age skin is considered “mature.” The surprising answer is that skin starts to age on a cellular level between 25-30 in women.

Your skin doesn’t age immediately over night but you may start to notice some changes. The first sign of mature skin can be a lack of elasticity and increased dryness. Even if you have more oily skin, you may start to notice these symptoms. What exactly causes our skin to become mature? Interestingly enough, there are four processes that occur at varying ages that cause these skin changes.

Decreased Antioxidant Production

This is the first process in yoru body to decline. We always talk about getting antioxidants from our diets but your body makes its own antioxidants as well. Skin is prone to damage at any time but as you age, you should use more products with antioxidants. Examples include vitamin C, vitamin E, fruit acids, green tea extract and many more.

Decreased Collagen Production

Collagen allows your skin to maintain a firmness and forms a framework. When you have poor collagen production, you may notice a loss of elasticity. In practical terms, you skin just looks tired. As your cells age, they start to produce less collagen although this process happens differently in each person.

  1. Increased Cellular SenescenceThis process is fairly complicated and usually happens when you reach the age of 40. In laymans terms, the natural life cycle of skin cells is arrested which affects complexion in many ways. Skincare ingredients such as retinol, peptides, and glycolic acid become more important. They work to jump-start cell processes that are lagging.
  2. Decreased Skin Barrier Function

Your skin plays an important role of absorbing moisture and holding moisture in your cells. When you age, the skin barrier weakens which makes skin dry and less able to hold hydration on its own. This is a time when you may need rich moisturizers to maintain good hydration. This is a lot of information to process! The main takeaway is that using the right skincare products along with a healthy diet and exercise will help you to maintain youthful looking skin throughout your life.

The Moment You Look Old

You may still be wondering when these internal changes become visible. There’s no set time but it will depend on your race and lifestyle. Caucasian women start to notice significant changes in their skin around their late 30s. For women of color, this time is pushed back to their 40s. Darker skin tones often have less sun damage and a different genetic structure.

Hope for Mature Skin

Maybe you’ve already noticed some signs of aging in your skin. If you’re concerned about mature skin, you don’t have to give up hope. Instead, treat your skin with an anti-aging care regimen to keep it nurtured throughout your life. Eating a diet high in antioxidants, exercising regularly, and having a good skincare routine all keep you on track for a youthful glow.

Drinking Alcohol Could Be Ruining Your Skin

Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Skin? Yes, it does. I hate to be so direct with you, but I would rather tell you the truth. It does not matter how much fun you derive from drinking alcohol, the truth is that it is bad for your skin……

So, what does alcohol do to your skin?

1. Dehydration & dry dull-looking skin

Alcohol, as a diuretic, causes you to produce more urine than you should. You urinate about 120 milliliters more urine than normal for every shot of alcohol you drink. This is a lot of liquid lost. This loss of body fluids causes dryness of the skin and gives you a dry, tired look. It is likely to adversely affect young, glowing skin.

2. Risk factor for rosacea

This one goes to all wine and liquor lovers. Your favorite drink could soon bring about this scary skin condition. Once you have contracted rosacea, your skin will begin to blush and flush, then gradually result in disfiguring of the face.

3. Spots and odor

Drinking exerts unnecessary pressure on the liver as it tries to get rid of the toxins and rebalance the body’s metabolism. When the liver cannot keep up anymore, some of the alcohol begins excreting in sweat. The result is body odor and ugly spots that are hard to remove.

4. Inflammation

Another way alcohol affects the skin is by making your face look puffy and bloated. Also, you might notice some cellulite issues that come with drinking behavior.

What should you do?

The good news is that you can disarm alcohol of its cruelty. It begins with the realization that it is indeed possible. Here is what you can do to save your skin:

1. Quit drinking alcohol

Quitting is the simplest and most practical advice I can give. Even if you are not concerned about your skin, quitting alcohol will save other vital organs, including your brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

2. Cut down on certain drinks

While it is true that alcohol is not good for your skin, not all drinks pose the same amount or extent of harm to the skin. The best drink to consume, believe it or not, is bubbly! Sparkling wine (Champagne) is not only the lowest in calories but also does the least amount of damage to the skin.

3. Pace yourself at the party

If you are planning to drink, pace yourself, and drink a glass of water in between each glass of alcohol.

4. Eat healthy

Since the skin is a regenerative organ, it is possible to undo some of the damage it sustains. One major way of rejuvenating alcohol-stressed skin is by adopting a healthy diet. Start investing some of your time to research the foods that are best for the skin. Supplement your diet with vitamin-rich food like vegetables, and drink more water every day.

5. Exercise

Excercise might function as a replacement activity for the time you spend drinking. Exercise also can turn our attention to how we look. This, in turn, helps us be more aware of our habits. People who exercise often will always look for ways to look even better.

6. Treat your skin right!

While alcohol may dehydrate your skin, you can partially replenish it with the right skincare routine. Look for a moisturizer that is super hydrating and then for serums that will brighten your skin. This is super important since alcohol does tend to leave you with dull skin.

Best 8 Tips To Cure Winter Dry Skin

For a lot of people, the cold winter days bring a lot more than just the rosy glow to the cheeks. The winter may also bring dryness to the skin that is known to be quite uncomfortable. When you turn on the heat in the …..

The cold winter days can bring a lot more than just the rosy glow to the cheeks. The winter may also bring dryness to the uncomfortable skin. When you turn on the heat in the house during winter, your skin starts to dry out at a much faster rate than normal. This is regardless of what you are using to heat the house(oil, wood, or electricity). For some, the problem is so severe that it results in cracking and flaking of the skin, and in rare cases, eczema.

The following are some helpful tips on dealing with dry winter skin:

1. See a dermatologist

Skin is very complicated and sensitive. As such, you can’t afford to seek skincare education from the guy who works at the drug store. Going to a dermatologist or esthetician is recommended because they will analyze your skin type to recommend the best skincare routine for your unique skin. They will advise you on the best products to use and the recommended quantities to avoid dryness of the skin.

2. Moisturize more

You probably have your favorite moisturizer that you use all the time, but it seems not to be working now. What most people don’t understand is that moisturizers perform differently depending on the season. During the winter, you should look for an oil-based moisturizer as opposed to a water-based moisturizer. The oil helps keep moisture in the skin and prevents dryness.

My favorite heavy-duty moisturizer for winter is  Le Mieux 24 Hr Age-Defying Cream. It’s a triple skin-nourishing formula featuring skin-refining peptides, ceramides, and cupuacu, shea, and kukui butters to soothe dryness and irritation.

3. Don’t take a super-hot bath

Nothing feels better than a hot bath during a cold winter night and then jumping into bed. However, what many don’t realize is that a burning-hot bath may end up doing more harm than good. The hot water breaks down lipid barriers in the skin which leads to loss of moisture. A lukewarm shower is recommended to relieve dry, itchy skin and leave the lipid intact to lock in moisture.

4. Avoid Wet Socks and Gloves

Wet gloves and socks may irritate your skin resulting in cracking, sores, itching, or even eczema.

5. Use a Humidifier

Space heaters and central heating systems blast hot dry air through homes or offices. A humidifier gets more moisture in the air which is great for preventing skin dry out. For the best results, place a few humidifiers in different rooms to balance the moisture distribution.

6. Use Sunscreen

Just because it is the winter doesn’t mean you get to escape the rays of the sun. The snow glare combined with the winter sun can damage your skin and leave it dry and flaked. To avoid this, always apply some sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside. The best facial sunscreen is EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF40

7. Drink water

You’ve probably heard it a million times by now: drinking water every day is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin looking young.

8. Protect your hands

Your hands have thinner skin than the other parts of your body and have fewer oil glands. As such, it gets harder to keep the hands moist, especially during the winter. This leads to cracking and itchiness. To avoid this, wear gloves when going outside and apply more lotion to your hands than other body parts.

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Best Sunscreen For The Winter

Wearing sunscreen during winter may seem counter-intuitive. But research has proved that no amount of cloud cover can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Granted…..

Wearing sunscreen during winter may seem counter-intuitive. But research has proven that no amount of cloud cover can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Luckily UVB rays, which cause sunburns and redness, are much weaker during winter.

UVA rays are out in full force all year long. UVA rays are responsible for accelerating skin aging. UVA rays account for 95% of rays that penetrate your skin, and their effects cause a much deeper feeling. Applying sunscreen should, therefore, be an all-year-round affair.

Snow Intensifies Radiation Exposure

The snow and ice during winter reflect 80% of the UV radiation that reaches the earth’s surface, nearly doubling its intensity. So if the allure of the outdoors is too much for you to bear during winter, ensure you apply a fair amount of sunscreen before you head out.

Snow can intensify radiation exposure through its reflection

Winter Sports Increases The Risk Of UV Exposure.

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, sunscreen is an absolute necessity. According to research by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the intensity of UV rays increases with an increase in altitude. For every 1,000 feet increase in height above sea level, exposure to UV radiation increases by 4 to 5 percent. If you spend a lot of time snowboarding and mountain skiing, ensure you apply at least 30 SPF of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays.

Winter sports will expose you to harmful rays from the sun. In addition if you are at a higher altitude this can cause further harm.

Winter Weather Erodes Sunscreen Protection

When the sun shines directly on your skin, your body will eventually sweat off the sunscreen, thus necessitating reapplication. What you may not realize, however, is that harsh winter conditions will erode your skin protection even faster. The strong winds and the snow will wear away your sunscreen and eventually expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen in the morning is not enough. You should consider reapplying every two hours and especially after sweating.

Sensitive Skin During Winter

Your skin responds to changes in weather, too. The skin is tanned during summer and gets more pale and drier during winter. The tan is a result of increased melanin concentration to protect the skin from UV radiation. Since the skin is less tanned during winter, it is more sensitive to the sun’s UV radiation. You must, therefore, apply sunscreen constantly to counter these effects. If you have pigmentation spots, you can try Intensive Skin Corrector, a fantastic product that quickly fads the spots without drying out the skin.

If you have sensitive skin then you should be even more careful to protect yourself against the sun’s rays

The Ozone Layer Is Thinnest During Winter

The ozone layer acts as a natural sunscreen. It is nature’s way of protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation that accelerates skin aging. While its effect is strong during summertime, it may not be as effective during winter. Ozone levels are lowest between December and March in the Northern Hemisphere. So you need that bottle of sunscreen even more during winter.

Indoor Dangers

If you intend to spend most of your time indoors during the winter period, you are not exempt from the dangers of UV radiation. According to Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist based in New York, small amounts of infrared and ambient light from your overhead lamps and computer screens can still stimulate your pigment cells. Enjoying the outside view through the window still puts you at risk since UV rays can penetrate glass. Whether you spend your time outdoors or are holed up in the house, you still need sunscreen protection.

Even if you are indoors, you should use the best winter sunscreen to avoid damage to your skin.

In Summary

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity whether you expose yourself to direct sunlight or not. Research has demonstrated that UVA radiation can still penetrate cloud cover and eventually, your skin, thus leading to increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Those who participate in activities such as mountain skiing face greater exposure since the snow and ice reflect sunlight and UV radiation increases with an increase in altitude. You need to protect your skin by applying enough sunscreen all year round and more, especially during the winter season.

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6 ways to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and as it gets closer, people start racking their heads trying to think of ways to show how much they love their partners…..

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you probably want to start thinking of ways to show how much you love your partner. Getting them a gift has always worked, but sometimes you need to think outside the box and come up with other ideas.

The following are six ways to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day:

1. Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed
Everybody loves to eat their breakfast in bread even if there are crumbs!

This is the way to go if you want to kick off your valentine’s day on a high note. However, it can’t just be an ordinary breakfast. Make your partner his/her favorite breakfast and serve it to them like the king or queen they should feel they are. You can even use the food to pass a message to them, for instance, through heart-shaped pancakes.

2. Make them an album or compilation video of your memorable moments together

photo album
If you have been together for a while, create a photo album of things that you have done together.

If you’ve been together for a long time, you probably have thousands of pictures and videos you’ve taken together. Go through them and pick those that you know have some emotional meaning or were taken during special moments. You may need your geeky nephew’s help to make the video if you are not tech-savvy.

3. Take them on a surprise getaway trip

couple holding hands
A getaway for just the two of you can be great for your relationship.

A lot of couples never get to enjoy time alone and together, especially with young kids or jobs that don’t allow them to see each other enough. A getaway trip is perfect for getting you and your partner some alone time away from the regular schedule. The trip doesn’t have to be expensive. Even if just a day, you get to spend quality time with your partner without worrying about other people or responsibilities back home.

4. Be creative or crafty

heart made from yarn
If you do it correctly, then a hand-made gift can go down really well.

Getting your loved one an expensive gift may make them smile, but what will bring tears to their eyes – hopefully of happiness – is giving them a gift that you made for them. Think of what they love and have a passion for. Use that as inspiration to craft the perfect gift. Something you can try is making them DIY cards with special messages that mean something just to them. This is far more thoughtful than generic messages found in other cards.

5. Take a trip down memory lane

Every couple has those moments that truly define their relationship and love for each other. Surprise your partner by going to some of the places where those moments happened, such as where you first met or where you first kissed. Reliving old memories together helps both of you remember where it all started and why you fell for each other.


6. Surprise them with flowers at their workplace

Flowers are accepted all over the world as the gift that shows your love for someone. Sending flowers to your partner at their workplace makes them feel appreciated especially since they get to show it off to other workmates. You can even go the extra mile and make the delivery yourself. You can include a heartfelt note saying how much you love them or what you plan to do to them later that night.

7. Have their favorite cocktail waiting for them when they get home

Research really exotic sexy cocktails, you know, the really pretty ones you have to make an effort to prepare with names like Blushing Geisha and Love Potion #9 . Get it all ready and then have it waiting for your partner when they get home. For bonus points wear something sexy to correspond. Here’s a link to some Valentine’s Day Cocktails to get your inspired.

BONUS Make sure your bikini line is tidied up

You’ll really get bonus points if you tidy up the bikini line. Here are some great ways to do it, at home. Read more here.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Skin?

Effects Of Sugar On Skin

You probably know that eating sugar is bad for your health. However, that doesn’t stop us indulging in sugary foods, especially during celebrations. According to Ebony Magazine, Americans consume 20 teaspoons of extra sugar per day during the Christmas and New Year period. The recommended amounts of sugar are nine teaspoons for men and six teaspoons for women per day.

Spoonful Of Sugar
Beware of the effects of sugar on skin. We tend to eat far more sugar over the festive season. This is bad both for our skin and also our general health.

Apart from making you gain weight, and putting you at risk of developing heart diseases, eating too much sugar affects your skin. Sugar will make your skin age faster.

How Eating Too Much Sugar Affects Your Skin

High Sugar Levels Breaks down Collagen

Eating too much sugar increases the sugar levels in your blood, which makes the extra sugar to bind to collagen protein through a process known as glycation. The product of the glycation process is a substance known as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). AGEs cause destruction to your skin by breaking down collagen, which causes the skin to develop wrinkles and lose firmness.

Insulin Causes Inflammation

When we eat foods with high sugar levels like a piece of cake or white bread, our body immediately responds by increasing insulin production to tame the sugar levels. High levels of insulin increase the likelihood of developing inflammation. People with skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, should try and avoid eating too much sugar to avoid inflammation on their skin.

Inflammation Causes Skin Breakouts

A diet rich in sugar creates the perfect conditions for developing acne. Too much sugar causes inflammation in all parts of the body, and this makes blemishes look red and feel painful. Diets rich in sugar weaken the immune system, making your skin vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria that live on it.

Inflammation can also trigger the body to produce stress hormones such as cortisol that increases the amount of oil on your skin. Extra oil gives bacteria the greasy environment they need to breed.

Dehydrates the Skin

Sugar dehydrates your skin by drawing water from cells. This causes dry, puffy skin and the scary under-eye circles. Drinking lots of water and refraining from sugary foods is a sure way to improve the appearance of your skin.

Causes Dull-Looking Skin

High sugar intake causes rapid changes in blood sugar levels. Every time you eat sugar, your blood sugar level goes up. Insulin then secretes, as this is the hormone that controls blood sugar. This leads to a fall in sugar levels. The sudden fall in sugar levels makes your body experience internal stress that creates dull-looking skin.

Sugar Increases the Production of Free Radicals

Free radicals are known to cause diseases and inflammation of the skin. Research indicates that foods rich in sugar make the body produce more free radicals. Foods with high antioxidants and natural sugar levels like fruit and vegetable are an excellent antidote.

Is Sugar Good For Your Skin?

Eating too much sugar is harmful to your skin. To lower the chances of skin damage caused by high sugar levels, try to eat complex carbs like brown rice.

Keeping Mature Skin Young And Healthy

Mature skin is special, which is why it needs special care. This kind of skin needs to look fabulous and youthful, which does not come naturally anymore. So, what can you do to make sure that your mature skin does not …..

What Is Mature Skin?

Mature skin needs special care. This kind of skin needs to look fabulous and youthful, which does not come naturally. What can you do to make sure that your skin does not betray your age or even make you look older?

Below are some important skincare rules that might help.

Best Eye Cream For Mature Skin

Le Mieux Eye Wrinkle Corrector Vital amino acids and proteins necessary for the optimum production of collagen and elastin
One of the best eye creams – Le Mieux Eye Wrinkle Corrector

Special attention must be given to the eyes of more mature women. Depending on your skin, this is usually about age 45-65. The older that you get, the more critical it is to look after your skin.

The area around the eyes can lose its youthfulness, and therefore it is essential to ensure regular hydration to look young and stay healthy. Eye cream should be applied gently to the area around the eyes until it is fully absorbed.

One of the best eye creams for mature skin is Le Mieux Eye Wrinkle Corrector. It’s a bio-cellular complex that lessens the intensity of dark circles, reduces puffiness, keeps skin hydrated, and improves firmness.

Best Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 40
Our Favorite Facial Sun Cream

The sun is the single most devastating cause of skin damage and, ultimately, skin cancer. It is also one of the major causes of age spots and sunspots.

On the positive side, the sun gets credit as the source of the much-needed vitamin D our skins require.

So, whenever you are out and about in the sun, be sure to have some UV protection. And don’t just use the cream when it’s sunny outside since UV rays penetrate through clouds and glass. Also, when you take a swim, make sure you use some sunscreen to replace what has already been washed off.

Our favorite facial sunscreen is EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF40

Use Hydration in Addition to Facial Oil

At the minimum, you should be hydrating your skin with a moisturizer. Hydration becomes more important as your skin becomes more mature. You should also consider using facial oil for added hydration. Some facial oils are specifically designed to offer this extra layer of hydration. It needs to be applied to the skin and smoothed out slowly until fully absorbed. This should nourish the skin and make it healthier and resistant to the factors that accelerate the aging process. Hydration is particularly important in the winter.

Exfoliating Mature Skin

As the skin ages, the outer layer becomes harder and thicker. Therefore, exfoliation becomes more important to ensure that your skin remains fresh and healthy.

You should not just exfoliate your skin, but the entire body. Signs that you are failing in this regard include having a scale of flaky skin. When you exfoliate, you will also find that your skin responds better to moisturizers and other products you apply to it.

Best Retinol Cream For Wrinkles

Retinol is a very important product to have in your skincare collection if your skin is maturing. This cream is excellent at dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, which begin to emerge once you reach your 30s. The retinol cream works because it can penetrate the outer layers of the skin to the collagen layer. You should use it every night. This product by Kleem combines a moisturizer with the retinol lotion.

Use A Fading Cream

Intensive Skin Corrector will remove your age spots and liver spots and dark spots

Unfortunately, age or sun spots go hand in hand with mature skin. The first thing to do is to wear sunscreen at all times (see above). Next is to use lightening or brightening serum. Some creams and serums will cause drying and peeling, which isn’t pleasant. You can also do an IPL at a dermatologist’s office or spa, but many find this treatment painful. Also, the IPL at the dermatologist only works well the first time.

We have found niacinamide to be particularly useful. It doesn’t dry out the skin, and it works quickly. It builds up keratin levels and grows a ceramide or lipid barrier in the skin. This boosts moisture retention capacity of the skin beneficial in keeping dry skin healthy, firm, and moisturized.

Consequently, this boosts the skins ability to rejuvenate its cells while protecting itself from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is also great at naturally reversing the damaging effects of the sun on the skin, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Check out our best age spot fading cream here. There is currently a $1 special running, which includes free postage.


Mature skin needs special care, which is different from standard skin. By taking the precautions described above, your skin can look younger and healthier for many years.

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