Will Wart Remover Remove Skin Tags?

You may wonder why someone would want to use wart remover to get rid of a skin tag rather than a skin tag remover.

Surprisingly, one of the most common questions about removing a skin tag is whether you can use wart remover.

The answer is…probably not.

But let’s look a bit deeper.

What Typically Is Wart Remover?

Wart removal kits contain Salicylic Acid and work by freezing the wart. Doctors can also freeze skin tags to remove them. Salicylic Acid is an ingredient that you will find in most skin tag remover solutions.

salicylic acid
Using salicylic acid to remove a wart. Can also be tried to remove a skin tag.

Therefore, there are a few clues that wart remover and skin tag remover are similar, even if not exactly the same.

There is very little scientific research on the use of this acid to remove skin tags. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t work. In theory, wart remover is used the same way on warts that one would get rid of a skin tag. There is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Skin tag freeze kits and wart remover freeze kits can be purchased in almost any pharmacy over the counter.

Wart, Mole, And Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are most effectively removed by freezing. The chemical used to freeze skin tags is liquid nitrogen, which freezes the entire skin tag down to the root.

This procedure removes the whole skin tag so that it cannot grow back. Liquid nitrogen is not used in home kits because there are laws regulating the use and purchase of liquid nitrogen.

These home skin tag removal kits typically contain similar ingredients that are less potent than liquid nitrogen. These chemicals still do the job but ensure that there is no severe damage to the skin.

mole and wart on skin
close up of mole and wart on the same skin. Can possibly be removed at the same time even though different cosmetically

Damage to skin

The only damage typically caused by wart remover is a small scar that replaces the skin tag. The scar tends to fade over time.

There may also be a small amount of discomfort in the area from freezing the skin tag. This pain should pass in less than an hour.

The risk of infection is low because there are no cuts to the skin. There will not be an open wound for an infection to enter. There is also no risk of excessive bleeding because nothing interacts with the blood supply with this method of tag removal.

The Price Of Home Freezing Kits

The price of buying a home freezing kit is relatively reasonable, considering the alternative of going to the doctor to remove the skin tag. It costs from $20 for a home freezing kit, which contains multiple treatments.

These kits are readily available at most drug stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Freezing skin tags off is not the fastest method, but it is the most affordable option that is reliable and able to be done at home.

The quickest way would be to cut the skin tag off yourself, but as we discussed elsewhere, that is not safe. It can result in severe damage to the skin tissue as well as cause an infection.

Some wart, mole and skin tag removers are even safe to use on sensitive areas such as the eyelids.

Most kits have up to 8 treatments. This means that you can remove up to 8 skin tags or warts with one freezing kit. That is around $2.50 per skin tag or wart, whereas having the skin tag removed by a doctor tends to run at about $150 per skin tag.

razor on wart
Doctor getting wart area ready to be removed.

It is an elective cosmetic procedure that insurance does not typically cover because having a skin tag is not dangerous to your health.

Final Take Away

Many people use wart removal kits to remove skin tags, and there has been plenty of consumer-based evidence that it is an effective way to remove skin tags without severely damaging the skin or body.

Compound W NITROFREEZE is advertised as a wart remover that has shown to be very helpful in the removal of skin tags to the point that it was voted by consumers to be one of the top 10 ways to remove skin tags.