How to remove skin tags during or after pregnancy

Skin tags are harmless but aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. They are skin folds that appear from rubbing with clothes or other parts of your skin. That is why they appear most commonly in armpits, eyelids, the groin area, or under your breasts. There are no exact numbers or science to who may get skin tags. Women who have never had any before may find some appearing during pregnancy, and women who have a past of skin tags may see their number increase. They usually will begin showing during the second stage of pregnancy.

Why do you get skin tags during pregnancy?

Once again, there is no exact science behind their appearance. However, some studies connect the growth of skin tags during pregnancy to hormones. Some hormones that are produced while you are pregnant can increase the number of cells produced by layers of the skin. These cells find themselves with nowhere to go and protrude from the surface in the form of skin tags.

Their appearance can also be related to excessive rubbing. As we all know, you put on weight and get bigger during pregnancy. This, in turn, causes more of your skin to rub either against other skin or clothes.

There is a higher risk to get skin tags if you:

  • suffer from diabetes
  • are overweight
  • over the age of 50
  • are pregnant

Are there any risks to my baby or me?

No studies have shown that they are a risk to you or your baby. However, there are some things to avoid when trying to remove them, either during or after pregnancy. Avoid tying a string around them (a well-known home remedy for their removal) as it can cause infection during pregnancy. Avoid over the counter chemicals. Some chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and have a negative effect, either during pregnancy or while lactating.

How can I remove skin tags after pregnancy?

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