[Solution] Dull Or Sallow Complexion?

Have you noticed that your complexion appears dull, tired or sallow? You’re certainly not alone as it is estimated that over 30% of women have this problem.

Here are 7 reasons why that may happen:

1. Dehydration

To put it simply, you’re not drinking enough water or your skin is not able to retain moisture. The water content of the skin is quickly lost, especially in warmer weather. Skin absorbs water from bathing and also drinking adequate fluid. However, when the humidity in the air is below 85%, it quickly loses moisture to the environment, causing your complexion to look dull.

The best way to stay hydrated is by using products that hold in moisture.

Dehydration can be a major cause of a sallow complexion

2. Lack of Exfoliation

Skin that has been freshly exfoliated appears sallow and dull. Once you get rid of the top layers of dead skin cells, the complexion of the new cells underneath appears fresh and polished. This is a common problem and dead skin cells have a flaky appearance that blocks light. By removing this extra layer, you’ll be revealing skin that is smooth and reflective as well as younger-looking.

Exfoliating Skin For A Fresher Complexion

You can use either a physical exfoliator or a chemical method or a combination of both. Physically exfoliation is the simplest method. With this, you will polish the dead skin cells away using a scrub or a textured surface. A chemical exfoliator is one that breaks down dead skin tissue so that it can be easily washed away. The most common active ingredients in chemical exfoliators include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinoids. You can find these products over-the-counter although they are also available through a dermatologist.

Exfoliation is extremely important for keeping your skin fresh and bright

3. Not Moisturizing Well

When your skin is dry, it’s going to look dull. Dry skin compromises its ability to act as a natural barrier. The skin has a layer known as the stratum corneum that acts to keep moisture in but it can be compromised over time. Any cracks in your skin also contribute to a dull skin tone. This can happen to anyone but usually tends to be more of a problem when you reach the age of 55 or older. Making sure that skin stays moisturized, especially as you age will help to protect this layer and keep in moisture.

4. Poorly Cleaning Skin

If you’re not doing a good job of cleaning your skin every day, then it can become dull over time. You may have a buildup of makeup, cleanser or other substances on your skin which cause dullness. This often happens when the skin is not cleaned thoroughly or with a good cleanser.

5. Poor Sleep Habits

A good night’s sleep can be restorative for many reasons. However, a bad night’s sleep will show up in your skin. The department of psychology at Stockholm University performed a study involving skin quality and sleep habits. They found that both a lack of sleep and inadequate exercise led to skin that appears dull and tired. Rejuvenated skin starts with good sleep patterns.

Sleeping well will make your skin appear much brighter

6. Poor Quality Diet

The link between your diet and aging skin is becoming better known. Many people find that they learn this fact intuitively without even needing to be told. You are what you eat and your appearance also is affected by the foods that you eat. You can’t rely on good genes alone to maintain a healthy complexion while still eating bad food every day. Most people find that they have to work on their diet as well. Make sure to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables which contain essential nutrients for skin health. Paying more attention to your diet can naturally boost your skin health without having to make any other changes.

Eating junk food will have a huge negative effect on your skin

7. Sun Damage

Your skin will respond to sun exposure by trying to protect itself. This is why you develop a tan when you get too much sun. You may also get a burn which is even more damage to the skin. Although you may ideally want a tan, this damage will cause a leathery and sallow complexion over time. The reaction of the skin is to use this method to protect itself, however, it causes the skin to look old and tired even if you’re still young.

Without protection, sun will be really bad for your skin.