Why Am I Getting Skin Tags On My Neck?

Skin Tags On Neck?

Skin cells which rub against other skin cells often form clusters of skin. These are commonly known as skin tags. Common areas where people get skin tags include dry areas that contain skin folds. These include the armpits, skin tags on neck, groin, and sometimes even on the eyelids. Scientists believe that skin tags form in these areas because the skin is continuously rubbing, causing the cells to build up and create a skin tag. Many factors go into how skin tags appear, but most scientists do not focus on the cause of skin tags too much because they are not harmful to the skin or the body and are easily removed.

What Is The Cause Of Skin Tags?

Skin tags on the neck seem to be related to genetics. Typically, people with skin tags have other members of their family that also have skin tags. Skin tags have also been linked to the disease HPV. This information may play a role in diagnosing the disease in addition to other indications as the population that has been diagnosed with HPV is nowhere near the population that has skin tags. Almost half of the world’s population gets a skin tag at some point in their life. They are typically more common with older people, women, overweight people, or those diagnosed with diabetes.

Since so many people have skin tags regardless of nationality, weight, race, blood type, etc., it is virtually impossible to say what causes the tags. The only real knowledge there is about skin tags is that they are not harmful to the human body. They are a cluster of skin cells commonly found in skin folds. Moles are studied more than skin tags because they have been linked to Melanoma and other serious diseases.

Possible Underlying Causes

Most likely, having a skin tag on your neck is just due to the skin rubbing together, but there is a small chance that there could be an underlying cause of skin tags appearing. If it is just one or two skin tags, there is no reason to worry. But if you are continuously developing skin tags, you may want to consult with your doctor or dermatologist. Your doctor may want to run some tests for diabetes and other diseases that have been linked to skin tags. It is also important to visit a doctor if there seems to be anything abnormal about skin tags.

Skin tags are not dangerous. However, it is likely that if you have one skin tag on your neck, then you may eventually develop multiple skin tags. The recurrence is because there is friction occurring in that area. The best way to make sure you don’t end up with a ton of skin tags on your neck would be to keep the area dry. Dryer skin will prevent friction. Also, you should start maintaining healthy eating habits and adopting an exercise routine to keep your weight down. Skin tags have been directly linked to people who are above their recommended body weight.

When skin tags are in areas with a lot of friction, it is best to get them removed. While they are not harmful and may not be related to a disease, they can become bothersome and painful. If the skin flaps continue to rub against each other, it is likely that the skin tag will become irritated, inflamed, and can even begin to bleed. This can be incredibly painful, especially in places like your neck. If a skin tag begins to affect your quality of life, it is best to get it removed.