🚫Never Put These 3 Natural Ingredients On Your Skin🚫

Many people assume that natural ingredients are safe, effective, and also harmless. However, these ingredients can be dangerous. Numerous natural ingredients are harmful, but most people still use them because they are not aware of their dangers. So, what are some of these natural ingredients that are harmful?

This article offers an overview of three natural ingredients commonly used in self-care products and their dangers.


It’s worth noting that both peppermint extract and oil can have beneficial properties. However, they can also increase the skin’s sensitivity.

Peppermint is considered to be one of the bad natural ingredients for skincare. It’s one of the most popular natural ingredients for skincare, and it’s commonly used with essential oils.

Reports indicate that adding peppermint to skincare products is harmful. Although it helps to enhance the scent, it also results in increased sensitivity. Overall, peppermint will make your skin irritated. And if you already have a sensitive skin type, it might get worse.

Research studies show that peppermint is among the top-rated bad skincare ingredients. It irritates the skin, resulting in itchiness and redness. In some instances, users may end up with skin rash if this potent ingredient interacts with the dermis. So, to ensure that your skin remains healthy, avoid using peppermint.


Walnuts are delicious snacks, but they are also not good for your skin. Most skin care products that contain this ingredient are exfoliators. However, a good scrub should not erode the surface of the skin. So, if you are looking for products with natural ingredients for skincare, then you should avoid those with walnuts.

Although this ingredient is good at treating blackheads and whiteheads, please stay away from it. Please do not use it on your face. This is because it contains abrasive particles. As a result, the skin normally ends up with microscopic scrapes.

Most brands use this ingredient as an alternative to plastic beads. Note that plastic beads were often used with exfoliators, but they have since been banned. Although Walnut is usually marketed as an effective natural alternative, using it frequently will definitely result in skin tears. Therefore, they are bad natural ingredients. You may end up with broken capillaries, increased skin dryness, or flakey skin. This is definitely one of the natural ingredients to avoid in skincare.


Did you know that lemons are also categorized as natural ingredients to avoid? As much as they are used with numerous natural skincare products, they are not good. What makes lemon a “bad skincare ingredient” is because it can result in permanent damage because lemon is highly acidic and can significantly alter your skin’s PH levels.

In rare instances, this ingredient can cause chemical burns. This is a serious side effect that usually occurs when you put undiluted lemon on your skin. Common side effects of using lemon include increased sensitivity to the sun, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and skin irritation. Overall, your skin will be damaged. If you have a sensitive skin type or any other dermatological problem, avoid using lemon.