Hairstyles Of Celebrities Who Are Over 50

Can you believe that Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are now celebrities that are over 50?!

In our mind they are still trendsetters, but yet they are way above the age of what many magazines would usually consider as young.

As we get older, everything about us changes. What that means is that we need to start also arranging our hair so that it suits the rest of us.

So, here is inspiration from celebrities who are over 50 that still look absolutely stunning (why wouldn’t they?!) when we take a look at their hair.

Jennifer Aniston

It’s pretty difficult to find a photo of Jennifer Aniston where she is definitely over 50, but here are two that she has recently posted to her Instagram page:

Photos of the adorable and perfect hair idol, Jennifer Aniston.
This photo of Jennifer Aniston was taken from a video so she is forgiven for looking down her nose!

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11th 1969 so is pretty new to the over-50s club. However, she is known to always have ridiculously perfect hair.

Courteney Cox

Once again, not so easy to find photos of Courteney when she is definitely over 50, but we did pretty well.

Courteney Cox was born on June 15th 1964 so is 5 years older than her costar at 55 years old.

Elizabeth Hurley

When researching for this article, it soon became clear that Liz doesn’t actually ever age and looks the same in all her photos!

Liz Hurley has not aged a day. Always had exquisite hair.

Liz Hurley doesn’t seem to have aged at all since she wore “the dress”, yet she weighs in at 54 years old in this photo being born June 10th 1965.

Elle Macpherson

Yes, she is a model and yes she is only just past 50. This Australian is 55 years old having been born on March 29th 1964.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford in her 50s with her distinctive mole

One of the first ‘super models’, Cindy Crawford still has her beauty mark that made her famous. She was born February 20th 1966 so is still in her early 50s, but qualifies for this list.