Will Using Organic Skin Care Products Make You Healthier?

Organic products have an overall benefit to your skin and health just as doing organic food has to your body. Use organic products not because it is trendy but because it is beneficial to your health, your skin, and the environment around you.

Organic skincare products are created with pure, natural ingredients that nourish your skin with necessary nutrients. The natural and organic ingredients will improve your skin and make it moisturized, healthier, and capable of taking care of itself.

Skin Care And General Health

The skin is the largest body organ covering almost 95% of your body. It absorbs at least a fifth what we apply on it into our bloodstream. This means that whatever you rub on your skin will affect how your body works and feels.

Being the largest organ in your body, looking after your skin, will contribute to your general health.

Synthetic And Chemical Skin Care Products

Skincare products range from creams, lotions, body splashes, fragrances, and soaps. Most of these products use either synthetic, natural, or a mixture of both in their ingredients.

Synthetic ingredients expose your skin to harmful chemicals that can cause great harm. Although they tend to have fast results, the invasiveness tends to do more bad than good.

Harmful skincare products can slip into the water when you wash and get into the drainage systems. These chemical contaminations have the potential to harm aquatic life and affect farm produce. The extent of these chemicals is not just about what can happen to you but also how it can cause harm to the environment.

The next time you’re out shopping for skincare products, avoid products that contain bioactive compounds such as synthetic colors and fragrances. These can cause allergic reactions and also change your behavior.

Synthetic skin care products can be harmful both to your skin and also to the environment.

Some studies link the presence of Sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate in skincare products to the leading cause of skin irritation problems.

According to a 2009 study by Researchers of the Japan Bioassay Research Center, a 1.4 dioxane high carcinogenicity may cause a lifetime cancer risk to humans. Therefore, look out for ethoxylated ingredients such as polysorbates or any other ingredients that end with an ‘ates’ to stay safe.

Petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and triclosan may cause pore cloggings and endocrine disruption, among other skin conditions.

Other effects of synthetic skin care products include photosensitivity, hormonal disruptions, skin asphyxiation, and premature aging.

When shopping, look out for any trusted brands that are certified organic skin care products. Skin care products with certified organic seals contain 95 percent organic ingredients and comply with the National Organic Program’s standards of handling and production of natural organic products.

Organic Skin Care Products

The best organic skincare products give your skin the healthy, smooth glow that you want without ever affecting your health.

Organic skincare products are made out of ingredients that are not genetically modified, fertilized by any synthetic fertilizers, nor pesticides and sewerage used to speed their growth. They are crafted from their best, natural organic state, into skincare products for the best results.

You can start an organic “makeover” by simply changing from body wash to organic soap. Most body washes have sulfates as a foaming agent and synthetic fragrances. These can cause your skin to dehydrate fast and irritate your skin.

Using organic skin care products will benefit not just your skin but your overall health.

By changing to an organic bath or facial soap, you infuse natural oils and nutrients that your skin needs to remain glowing, moisturized, and radiant. This also reduces your skin’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

You can keep your skin moisturized throughout the day by ditching the lotion and switching to high-quality body oil. There are also options for organic scrubs that will make your skin more receptive to the organic nutrients that you put on it.

Organic products have an overall benefit to your skin and health just as eating organic food has to your body. Use organic and natural products not only because it is encouraged by society, but also because it is beneficial to your health, your skin, and the environment around you.