Tattoo Removal – How Much Will It Cost

Cost of Tattoo Removal

You might have gotten yourself tattooed when you were younger. But now, you may have a tattoo you no longer want and would like it removed. While there are many methods for tattoo removal, you may want to know how much removing your tattoo will cost.

Many factors affect the cost of having your tattoo removed. It will greatly depend on the type of tattoo that you have and the removal method you choose. There is a great tattoo removal price range.

A there are varying methods used for tattoo removal, it is difficult to tell how much it will cost to have your tattoo removed. You will need to consult with a tattoo removal practitioner to be able to find out. A tattoo removal procedure could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on many factors.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Tattoo Removal

The Tattoo Removal Facility

Today, you will find many facilities offering tattoo removal procedures as tattoo removal is becoming very common.

You can have your tattoo removed by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. This could cost you in the price range from $150 to $1000 per treatment to remove a tattoo.

You can also have your tattoo removed at a medical spa specializing in tattoo removals. Medical spas have medical practitioners that perform tattoo removal. Costs may vary from around $100 to $700 per treatment. This is a popular option because the spa environment is more relaxing than the other alternatives.

Another specialized facility you can have your tattoo removed is a private tattoo removal clinic. These clinics offer laser tattoo removal. The price range per treatment offered by these clinics is from $50 to $500 per treatment.

An alternative to removing the tattoo is to cover-up the tattoo. Although, strictly speaking, this method does not remove the tattoo, it is an option if the reason for wanting to remove the tattoo is because of the nature of the tattoo and not the tattoo itself. For this option, tattoo parlors do cover-up tattoos. Before covering up a tattoo, they try to fade or lighten the ink of the old tattoo.

The Tattoo Size

The size of your tattoo will determine how long the removal process will take, so this will also influence the cost of the procedure.

The cost of removing a tattoo is calculated by its square inch coverage. Most removal clinics range from $50 to $70 per square inch of the tattoo. If the tattoo is small to medium-sized, it would usually cost from $80 to $500 per session.

The Tattoo Color

If laser removal is used, then each ink color is removed by a different wavelength. Colored tattoos are removed using different types of laser technology. Your tattoo removal clinic will inform you on which laser wavelength to use on your tattoo.

Treatment in the same area may be necessary based on the different colors in that area.

The Kind of Ink Used

There are different kinds of ink used for tattoos. Tattoos can be metal-based, plastic-based, organic-based, and more. Some types of ink are easier to remove than others. Whatever type of ink was used in your tattoo will determine how difficult it is to remove and thus will affect the cost.

The Ink Thickness/Density

Ink is saturated in a tattoo. Some artists use more ink than others. These tattoos will naturally have a higher ink density.

A tattoo with high ink density will be more difficult to remove and so the procedure will be more expensive than less dense tattoos.

The Age of the Tattoo

If your tattoo is fairly new, it will be much harder to remove than a tattoo which is done many years ago. The appearance determines the age of the tattoo. So, if you are going to have a newer tattoo removed, then it would cost you more than having to remove a very old one.

The Technical Experience

The price charged by a tattoo removal expert will depend on the level of training and experience that he has. Make sure to find out the level of experience your removal technician has. You might think of using the services of someone with less experience for financial reasons.

The Removal Method

Although laser removal is the most popular method for removing tattoos at present, there are several methods for removing a tattoo.

Laser removal is the most common. The price range for laser tattoo removal goes from $200 to $1000. The laser removal method is safe and effective. When it comes to side effects and overall quality, lasers are the best option.

Surgical excision is a procedure where the skin underneath a tattoo is removed. The remaining skin is then stitched back together. A surgical scar is left. Surgical incision costs from $1000 to $10,000.

Dermabrasion is a method where the skin is sanded away. It leaves a scar or a pale area. It is also known to be a painful procedure. This procedure costs from $150 to $350.

Chemical removal uses chemicals that are applied to the skin so that the tattoo can be rubbed off. This is quite risky since chemicals used for the procedure can harm a patient. And sometimes, that tattoo is not even removed. Removal by chemicals can cost you from $80 to $150.

Take-home treatments. You can use creams and lotions to make your tattoo less visible. These treatments can help your tattoo fade but it will not remove them completely.

Your Skin Type

It is easier to distinguish tattoo ink on lighter skin. If you have a dark skin tone, it will require more sessions to remove your tattoo so that side effects like hypopigmentation are avoided.

To prevent any skin reaction to laser technology, skin sensitivity and color need to be considered. Certain types of skin are highly sensitive to laser.

Tattoo removal lasers can be compared to the sun’s UV rays and so sensitive skin should not be exposed to it. When this is the case, skin experts can provide other methods of tattoo removal.

How Much To Remove A Tattoo

Medical insurance providers do not consider laser tattoo removal as something that can be covered by health insurance. The reason for this is that laser tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure. What this means is that you are getting your tattoo removed because of personal preference. And medical insurance only covers expenses that are related to one’s health.

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