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Every 60 seconds, your body sheds over 30,000 dead skin cells.

That’s gross!

But, it’s also the reason your skin loses its shape, sags, and fails to keep its tone and texture. It also can be the cause of fine lines and dark circles around your eyes, which usually would require the use of eye lift serum such as South Beach Repair and Release Cream.

Many resorts to cosmetic surgery, botox shots, and $1000’s dollars of anti-aging creams to fix these problems. In many cases, though, this is a complete waste of money, and worse yet, it could be dangerous to your health.

More Natural Way to Repair and Replace your Skin

But what if there was a more natural way?

A way that didn’t require any of those things. And…could erase up to 52% of the wrinkles on your face in just 14 days.

ALSO: Remove the sagging skin around your neck and jawline within four weeks.

AND: Remove up to a full ten years off your appearance in only two months.

All from using a 100% natural solution that can even be done in the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Ryan Shelton and South Beach Skin Lab

Dr. Ryan Shelton works at South Beach Skin Lab on the South Beach Skin Solution.

Dr. Ryan Shelton is a Double Board Certified Doctor, educated in Biochemistry with a Master’s from the University of Kansas, and Trained as a Doctor at the Prestigious Bastyr University.

You may have seen his groundbreaking work featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC. You may have even heard keynote speeches at the American Academy of Anti-Aging.

Ryan Shelton has devoted his whole career to fighting the “war on wrinkles,” and what will likely shock you is that the solution he suggests is straightforward.

By boosting an amino acid that already exists in our own body, we can now re-program the way our skin ages and turn back the clock on wrinkles for good.

Do you suffer from aging skin?

If you are one of the 165 million Americans suffering in silence from aging skin symptoms, you may not believe some of what you are about to read:

Some of your favorite brands, even household names that you love and trust, could be deceiving you, marketing products that don’t work, or could even be toxic for your skin.

The American Beauty Industry is expected to pull in a staggering 62 Billion Dollars this year alone, and a “fix” for this problem could threaten to destabilize the whole monopoly they’ve created. Thus, they want to keep certain things on the down-low.

Mary wanted to tighten her skin

Mary was in her early 50’s and was seeking a solution to tighten the skin sagging around her face and neck. She was in a desperate situation. Mary was considering botox shots, recommendations for cosmetic surgeons, and even laser therapies.

Toxic chemicals like BOTOX really can be dangerous. 1 in every 10,000 cosmetic procedures can end in death.

Mary had tried several high-end moisturizing creams, exfoliated her skin daily, and spent an enormous amount of money on a cleanser.

But none of this made a difference, perhaps due to her skin type. It might help prevent further aging, but it didn’t fix the wrinkles that had already draped the sides of Mary’s face and neck.

She then heard about South Beach Skin Lab Repair And Release Facial Cream.

Mary tried the very first bottle of this new cream and applied it morning and night. The first 24 hours passed, and we noticed no significant change in the depth of her wrinkles. Day 7 and 8 went by, and still no improvement.

On day 14, something incredible happened. The improvement was remarkable. The depth of Mary’s wrinkles had improved by 15%. It may not seem like a lot, but trust me when I tell you, Mary was Overjoyed. But this wasn’t the end of her results. Over the next five weeks, Mary’s wrinkle depth continued to improve to 25%, then 32%, then finally 44%. After a full 60 days, HALF of the wrinkles on Mary’s face had gone!

Outdated Skin Technology

All those expensive antiaging creams, night serums, cleansers, and balms on the market use the same outdated technology. It’s called “Multi-Step Moisturizing,” and it works in two ways… First, it draws as much water as possible to the skin cells. Then it seals off the moisture barrier on the outside to retain the water. This causes it to fill your skin so full of water that it starts to look plump and smooth.

Many skincare products work pretty well until the moisturizer dries out, and it’s time for another application, and then another one and another one. It does nothing to fix the ROOT CAUSE of why your skin is aging.

There is, however, something called peptides. There have been studies linking them to muscle regeneration and athletic performance for years.

Cosmetic companies have no interest in “eliminating” your problem. It is far more profitable to market product after product that “treats” your symptoms.

Think about this, if they “fixed” your problem, would you keep buying their creams?

Worse yet, you will be frustrated to learn that this solution has been entirely ignored by the FDA, the big cosmetic companies, and even the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In scientific terms, a Peptide is a short chain of amino acids, otherwise known as a protein. When peptides can penetrate the top layer of our skin, they have the unique ability to send signals to our cells and tell them how to function.

Essentially they can “talk” to other proteins in our skin. These little peptides are the single most effective way to repair wrinkles ever invented. When added to traditional cosmetic skin creams, peptides are so potent that they become a new class of anti-aging cream called a “cosmeceutical.”

Why does our skin wrinkle?

The first underlying cause of why our skin wrinkles are that, as YOU age, the structure of your skin’s “epidermis” starts to age too. Starting from 18, your body’s collagen and elastin production decrease by approximately 1% each year. Well, this causes your skin to lose its firmness and elasticity. The two major factors that give your skin a firm and youthful look. It’s like an old couch.

After a while, the inside stuffing of the couch starts to get worn out and falls apart. So on the outside, the cushions begin to wrinkle and lose their shape.

Well, this is just like the fabric that makes up our skin.

Nobody loves wrinkles, which is why an easy method to get rid of them is cream or lotion.

There are also expression lines

Over time, the expressions we make actually start to CHANGE the physical structure of our skin, and this change registers in our brain as an “INJURY.” When this happens, your brain’s feedback gives the facial muscle to protect the “injured” area, causing your muscle to CONTRACT, and hence forming a wrinkle. This is where peptides make all the difference. We can now use them to “talk” directly to the proteins in our skin. Using them to prevent these things from happening in the first place, right at the source of the problem

The Conspiracy and why everyone isn’t using it

It starts way back in 1938-the US President at the time, Franklin. D. Roosevelt had established the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act. This landmark act would go on to become what we now refer to as the “FDA” or the “Food and Drug Administration.”

The Hollywood movie industry was quickly becoming a national obsession, and women were exposed for the first time to cosmetics ads from their favorite stars. Of course, since there was no oversight of the newly formed cosmetics industry, The government had to establish an organization to oversee consumers’ safety who purchased cosmetics. But in a MASSIVE oversight, they had only given the FDA powers to manage the “physical safety” of the cosmetic product, but not regulate the “effectiveness” of its claims.

Cosmetic companies promised the “fountain of youth” but sold nothing more than simple moisturizers, leading millions of American women down a false road of hope. The skin creams had such high-profit margins, and they began to fill the entranceways of every mall in America. It was a match made in heaven.

The aggressive advertising tactics of cosmetics brands kept a steady stream of customers rushing through the doors. In contrast, cosmetic companies charged top dollar for cheap skin creams in the same store as some of America’s most trusted brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Barneys.

Things reached a BOILING POINT in 1987. Cries from consumer advocate groups pushed the FDA to protect women from the misleading ads of cosmetic companies. Under immense pressure to act, they launched a lawsuit against a cosmetics company, and you may have heard of “Estee Lauder.”

The FDA made the case that Estee Lauder’s marketing had become so deceptive, it was now making “medical claims” that were completely untrue.

Estee Lauder gathered the whole industry to begin viciously lobbying the government to drop the case. The result was a predictable “checkmate.” The lawsuit was dismissed by the U.S District Court in 1989, leaving Estee Lauder and the WHOLE cosmetics industry free to continue to market their products as they wished.


One well-known study by a lab in Switzerland called – Pentapharm Labs found that Peptides were 100% safe and showed that one specific peptide called Syn-ake produced a stunning 52% reduction in wrinkles.

There are two types of peptides you can use to help remove all sorts of aging symptoms. The first type is a Neurotransmitter Peptide, or “Neuropeptide” for short. It is especially effective at preventing pesky expression line wrinkles. It uses an all-natural mechanism that mimics botox’s effects, telling the brain to block the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions on your face.

Essentially, Neuropeptides protect the skin from treating repeated movements in our expressions as an “injury.” Instead, they prevent it from happening altogether!

The second type is called a “Signal peptide” Their job is to “signal” what proteins our skin produces. Signal peptides can jump-start the production of collagen and elastin in our skin again.

In one study, 23 female volunteers aged from 42 to 67 years old used a Signal peptide cream twice daily on only one half of their face. They found that after just two months, there was an incredible 39% overall reduction in the depth of their wrinkles!

When signal peptides and neuropeptides are combined, this unique combination can virtually reverse the clock on your age and erase close to half the wrinkles on your face in as little as 30 days.

But There Is A Problem

The problem is, processing raw peptides are extremely expensive, and they are tough to find. But there are a few labs that produced peptide compounds in bulk for different medical uses.

There is a combination that met all the strength and potency guidelines from the studies and exceeded them! It went on smooth, dried quickly, and left no greasy residue whatsoever. There is also a way to jam not just 2 but 3 peptides compounds into the formula.

Dr. Richard went on to become Head of Skin Care Formulation at the University Compounding Pharmacy, in San Diego, California. It was the perfect place to continue working on the research that Mary had inspired.


Not only were they less noticeable than before. The peptides had begun to entirely refresh her skin’s overall appearance: Improving the elasticity, brightening her skin tone, boosting production, lightening dark spots, and even tightening the sagging, crepey skin around her neck and jaw.

Skin tightening creams can have an amazing effect.

Other women who tried it said:

They felt their skin was softer and more supple

That they got increased attention from their spouse and friends

They didn’t feel as self-conscious about their appearance.

That their youthful looks made them feel younger at heart, giving them more energy and confidence.

And the best part, every single woman reported a drastically improved appearance in their wrinkles.

This was real proof that a natural solution with natural ingredients, which didn’t work. Thereby, botox, or outdated cosmetic creams, could help millions of women repair their aging skin and improve their life.

Unfortunately, over 152 million Americans purchase cosmetic creams and anti-aging products every year, And there is no sign that the ever-growing marketing campaigns, backed by celebrities and famous models, is going to slow down.

South Beach Skin Lab – Repair and Release Cream Review

South Beach Skin Lab Repair and Release Cream is a one of a kind lab strength anti-aging cream that is proven to “Repair” your skin and “Release” your wrinkles using only the most potent peptides on the planet.

This South Beach Skin Lab Repair and Release anti-aging cream is proven to “Repair” your skin and “Release” your wrinkles using the strongest peptides on the planet. And because of the combined the Neuro and Signal peptides, into one easy to use cream. You don’t have to worry about which peptides work best for which problem. You don’t have to worry about mixing products such as shea butter that could harm your skin, And you certainly don’t need to pay for two, or three, or even four separate creams! To do one job for your skincare. This is the only anti-aging cream you need in your cabinet.

The best part is that with South Beach Skin Lab Release Cream, there is no crazy skincare routine to do. All it takes is 45 seconds morning and night. Apply a small dab to your face and neck, and then let the cream do the work. It’s that easy.

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