Arm Hair Removal

It is usual to have hair on the arms, but sometimes it is so thick and dark that it makes you feel uncomfortable and hide your arms with long sleeves so nobody will notice it. If you want to get rid of undesired hair in that area you need to keep reading and find out which are the best hair removal methods for your arms.

Unless you are a man with thick hair in your arms, we strongly recommend that you don’t shave that area because it can cause the hair to grow coarser and darker and you have the risk of suffering cuts and irritation.

Arm Hair Removal Methods


This method consists of using an epilator which is an electronic device that pulls the hair from the root. It looks like a razor and works like waxing with the difference that it has a mechanical system that plucks the hair. To remove arm hair, position the epilator at a 90-degree angle to your skin and slowly move the device in the direction of hair growth. Epilators have different speed settings, start with the lowest one if you are a beginner and increase the speed until you reach one you can tolerate. Always clean the epilator after each use.


  • It provides long-lasting results
  • You can do it at home
  • The hair will take a long time to grow back
  • It can remove even the shortest hair
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • It leaves the skin smooth


  • Since the hair is pulled from the root, you will feel pain and discomfort
  • You may experience redness and irritation after the treatment

Depilatory Cream

This method is painless. It involves using a depilatory cream that contains effective chemicals that break the bonds of keratin to weaken the hair on your arms and make it easier to remove. You just apply the cream over the area of undesired hair, wait a few minutes and rinse with water. These creams are formulated with ingredients that keep your skin smooth after the hair removal.

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  • It is painless
  • You can do it at home
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Your skin will be smooth after using it


  • You can develop an allergic reaction
  • The hair is not pulled from the root so it will grow fast
  • You can experience side effects like redness and irritation
  • Never leave the cream for longer than indicated in the package otherwise, you can suffer a skin burn


This is an ancient hair removal method that consists of applying a sticky paste made of sugar, lemon, and water over the area of undesired hair. It is similar to waxing but it is more gentle since it doesn’t stick to the skin cells. Sugaring can be performed at home but you need some experience and knowledge to get the right consistency of the mixture otherwise, it could end in a disaster. It is better to go to a qualified place with estheticians who know how to apply the mixture.


  • The procedure is faster than waxing
  • It is gentle on the skin and since the mixture is hypoallergenic and organic there is no risk of allergic reactions


  • Your hair needs to have at least a quarter-inch of length to get this procedure
  • Although it isn’t as painful as waxing you will still feel discomfort


You can either use cold wax strips or hot wax to remove hair from your arms. If you are thinking about doing it at home use cold wax since it is less messy and you have less chance of suffering side effects like skin burns but hot wax is more effective in terms of removing hair. Hot wax involves applying warm wax over the areas of undesired hair and pulling it with a paper strip. It is better to get it done by a professional.


  • It can remove short and fine hair
  • The hair will take longer to grow
  • Once the hair grows again it will be finer
  • It doesn’t only remove hair but also dead skin cells


  • You will experience pain
  • There is a risk of side effects like kitchens, redness, and irritation
  • If the wax is too hot it can burn your skin which is why it is important that you go to a qualified place
  • This procedure isn’t fast
  • You have to avoid direct sun exposure after waxing

IPL Hair Removal

This is a permanent arm hair removal method. The IPL system uses energy from light waves and targets the melanin in our hair. Once the energy hits the dark pigment it is converted into heat which damages the hair and prevents the hair regrowth. There are several IPL devices that you can buy but we strongly suggest you go to a qualified place because the IPL needs to be adjusted depending on your hair color, and thickness. Going to a professional ensures that you will have the desired results.


  • Once you finish the treatment you won’t need to worry about getting rid of your hair anymore
  • The process isn’t painful and won’t damage your skin


  • It is expensive
  • You will require a certain number of sessions before the hair stops growing
  • It doesn’t work for light hair


This is another permanent arm hair removal method. AKA electrology, it is a fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle and uses heat energy to destroys the hair root to prevent regrowth. To get this treatment done you need to go to a qualified place.


  • It is permanent and you won’t need maintenance sessions
  • Suitable for all skin types and hair colors


  • It can be expensive
  • You will need a lot of sessions to finish the treatment

Final Thoughts

It is time to show off your arms with pride and get rid of that undesired hair with these easy ad effective methods. Just choose if you want a permanent or temporary arm hair removal method, what is your skin type and pain level tolerance to find the best treatment that will provide you the desired results.