Back Hair Removal

The amount of hair you have on the back depends on genetics, although men are more prone to having hairy backs, women may also have it, especially if they suffer from hormonal imbalances that cause hair to grow thicker and darker than usual.

Getting rid of undesired hair in your back may be more difficult than other areas because it is hard to reach that area by yourself and it is large. However, if you have already taken the choice, here are some of the best methods to remove back hair.


This method that you can perform without the help of a partner. You will need to buy a specialized back hair shave. These come with an extendable handle to help you get rid of hair in hard-to-reach areas of your back. If you have long hair in that area it is to trim the hairs before shaving to prevent irritation and make the work easier.


  • Simple procedure
  • It is painless
  • Affordable, just make sure to buy a good quality shaver
  • DIY – It is one of the few back hair removal options that you can perform by yourself


  • It doesn’t pull the hair from the root so hair will grow fast
  • You can cut your skin
  • There is a risk of ingrown hair

Hair Depilatory Cream

A method that you can perform at home consists of using a hair depilatory creams such as Nair or Veet which that contains chemicals able to break the bonds of keratin and weaken the hair making it easy to remove. You only have to apply the cream over the areas with undesired hair, wait a certain number of minutes (check the product’s indications) and rinse with water. These creams are usually formulated with nourishing ingredients to prevent dryness, irritation and provide a soft and smooth effect.


  • It is a fast and affordable procedure
  • You don’t need special skills to use it
  • It is painless


  • You may have to ask a partner to help you apply the cream in certain hard-to-reach areas
  • There are hair depilatory creams that are formulated for sensitive skin but you can still develop an allergic reaction
  • If your hair is too thick or coarse it may not be able to remove it all
  • Certain depilatory creams have a bad smell that you won’t like
  • It doesn’t pull the hair from the root which means it is going grow fast


You need to go to a salon to get this procedure. It involves applying warm wax over the areas of undesired hair and removing it with a paper strip. Waxing pulls the hair from the root meaning that it will take longer to grow back (about 2 weeks with a hairless back). If you want to do it by yourself you use cold strips but we strongly recommend getting a salon appointment to ensure an effective and accurate back hair removal.


  • It is a fast and effective procedure
  • The hair will take a long time to grow so you won’t need to do it as often as shaving


  • If the wax is too hot it can burn your skin
  • It is more expensive than shaving
  • Doing it yourself or going to an unqualified place can lead to undesired side effects like irritation or ingrown hairs
  • It is not suitable for sensitive skin and you can develop an allergic reaction
  • You will feel pain however, how much it hurts depends on your pain level tolerance
  • Avoid direct sun exposure

Laser Hair Removal

This is a permanent treatment that involves the use of heat energy to target the hair follicle and prevent hair growth. With regular sessions, the hair will stop growing. The procedure doesn’t damage the skin but it requires a certain number of sessions to achieve desired results. You need to go to a qualified place to get this treatment done because the laser will be adjusted depending on the thickness of your hair, the color, and your skin tone.


  • Saves time in the long run because once you finish the sessions the hair won’t grow back and you will stop wasting time in other methods like waxing
  • It is a precise procedure that can remove the darkest and thickest hair
  • Not painful, you will just feel a warm sensation


  • Depending on your budget, this treatment may be too expensive.
  • It requires many sessions to remove the hair permanently.
  • After you finish the treatment you still need to go to a maintenance session each year.
  • Certain laser devices don’t work to remove light hair.


Another permanent hair removal method that involves placing an ultra-thin needle in the hair follicle and passing electrical current to kill the hair root. This is known as electrolysis or electrology. You will need several sessions to get rid of the hair but once you finish the treatment it will never grow again and you won’t need maintenance sessions.


  • Works great on every skin tone, hair color, and hair type
  • It doesn’t require recovery time
  • Once the hair is removed, you won’t need maintenance sessions


  • For large areas like the back, you will require several sessions
  • The treatment may be too expensive if you have a tight budget
  • You may feel pain or discomfort during the procedure
  • Going to an unqualified place can lead to side effects like scarring or infections from unsterilized needles

Final Thoughts

Having a hairy back doesn’t represent a health concern unless you are a woman because it can be the sign of a hormonal imbalance. The main reason why people decide to get rid of the back hair is that it makes them feel uncomfortable and affects their confidence. The best hair removal methods for the back area are those performed by a technician and where the hair is pulled from the root because the hair takes longer to grow. Get rid of all the hair from the back area and feel confident & comfortable during hot weather.