10 Ways to Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Best ways to get rid of skin tags

Skin tags… they’re never a welcome addition to our body and at first sign of them most people start searching the web for solutions to get rid of them.

Generally, skin tags do not cause pain or discomfort unless subjected to friction from jewelry and clothes. However, skin tags are unsightly and people usually feel more comfortable getting them removed especially when they appear on a conspicuous part of the skin. The problem is that it can be expensive to get removed, especially when you have many, and when they grow back.

At Tommy Timmy we have what we believe to be the best at home skin tag removal system. It’s inexpensive, extremely effective, can be used over and over on all your skin tags and you can use it from the privacy of your own home.

But, we wanted you to know about some of the other options for getting rid of skin tags, so we curated a list of things you can try at home. Some of them likely work better than others while most may be more lore than reality. We’ll start with our solution, the work out way down.

What have you tried to get rid of your skin tags? Let us know in the comments.


1. Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro

get rid of skin tags

The Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro is a quick, easy and affordable solution to skin tags. This state-of-the-art device uses revolutionary electric ion technology to completely remove skin tags without hurting your healthy skin.

What people love about the Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro is that is super simple to use and can be used from the comfort of your home. There is also no bleeding when you use it and you will feel little to no pain at all.

The Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro is also available at an affordable price and can be used to remove hundreds of skin tags. The Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find it useful.

2. Apple cider vinegar

For many decades, apple cider vinegar has been used to treat many skin care ailments such as warts, acne, eczema, and skin tags. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful skin care product because of its ability to balance pH levels, kill harmful bacteria, and so much more.

To get rid of skin tags, you will need to soak a sterile cotton ball in apple cider vinegar then secure it over the skin tag. Leave it on overnight then repeat this every day till the skin tag is gone. After a few days, you should notice the skin tag darkening in color. This means that it is dying and your apple cider vinegar treatment is working. It may take just a few days or even a few weeks to remove the skin tag completely.

3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known and loved for its strong antiseptic properties and ability to kill fungal infections. Tea tree oil also soothes the skin and can be used to treat many skin conditions including skin tags.

To remove skin tags, apply about 8 drops of tea tree oil to a sterile cotton ball then secure it to the skin. Remove it after 15 minutes. Repeat this process 3 times every day till the skin tag eventually falls off.

4. Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects that help relieve various skin issues, fungal and bacterial infections. However, for the best results, it is vital to mix it with a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil before applying it to the skin.

Mix 4 drops of high-quality oil of oregano with 2 drops of the carrier oil and apply thrice per day to the skin tag. Do not use it on irritated or broken skin.

5. Iodine

Applying liquid iodine topically can also help get rid of skin tags. The iodine works by breaking down your skin cells, so you must be careful to avoid applying it on the healthy surrounding skin. To be on the safe side, create a barrier around the skin tag using coconut oil. Apply the liquid iodine twice daily till the skin tag dies.

6. Garlic

While garlic is definitely the smelliest remedy on the list, it has been used for generations for skin tags treatment. You just need to crush a garlic clove, squeeze out some of that potent juice and apply to the skin tag. The skin tag should fall off after a few days. Remember to wash the area well after each application.

7. Vitamin E oil

This is another great topical remedy for skin tags. Just like the other items on our list, vitamin E oil has been used for centuries to cure an array of skin issues.

Apply the vitamin E oil to your skin tag and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap before securing it with a bandage. Leave it on overnight and do this every night till the skin tag is gone.

8. Banana or Papaya peel

Some say that applying a Papaya or banana peel to skin tags causes them to die and fall off. This bizarre method seems to be even more effective when used together with tea tree oil.

Before going to bed, put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on your skin tag then cover with a Papaya or banana peel, securing the whole thing in place with bandages. Repeat this every night till the skin tag dies.

9. String or dental floss

A piece of string or dental floss can also be used to achieve ligation. However, you will need the help of another person or a device to secure the string in place. You need to simply tie the dental floss or string tightly around the skin tag. This cuts off blood flow to the skin tag, which makes it die and fall off.

10. Freezing kit

You can also use a product that contains liquid nitrogen to freeze off a skin tag (usually these kits are for removing warts). Such products can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores. Follow the instructions when using a freezing kit and avoid it coming into contact with the healthy surrounding skin. Several applications will be needed to get rid of the skin tag completely, but this usually happens within 10 days.

Bonus tip: Follow a good blood sugar diet

Research shows that skin tags and diabetes are related. To prevent future skin tags, eat a low sugar, high protein diet with plenty of high-fiber foods and healthy fats to regulate blood sugar levels. This helps keep skin tags at bay.

What have you tried to get rid of your skin tags? Let us know in the comments.