Removing Skin Tags With Nail Varnish

Removing Skin Tags With Nail Varnish

Does Nail Varnish Remove Skin Tags?

We don’t advise that you remove skin tags with nail varnish because of the danger involved. However, if you are going to remove a skin tag with nail varnish, then these are the steps that you should take:

Clear Nail Varnish

Purchase clear nail varnish of high quality from your local pharmacy. You should avoid trying to save money on the nail varnish because you want to make sure that there are no impurities in the ingredients. The higher the quality, the better it will work.

Precisely Apply The Nail Varnish To Your Skin Tag

Apply the nail varnish on your skin tag. It would be best if you were extra cautious not to put it on the surrounding skin as this can cause harm to your skin. In the same way that the nail polish will remove your skin tag, it can also remove the surrounding skin!

Protect The Wound

Place a band-aid or plaster over the skin tag and nail varnish. Try and put it on as tight as possible to avoid any oxygen reaching the skin tag through the nail varnish.

Removing The Nail Varnish

Twenty-four hours later, remove the nail polish with high-quality nail varnish remover. Once again, be careful to target the skin tag itself rather than the surrounding skin. Spreading the varnish on the surrounding skin can have an adverse effect.

Reapply Nail Varnish

Reapply the nail varnish with two coatings. Once, again cover with a plaster or a band-aid and wait another 24 hours.

Remove The Band-Aid Again

When you take off the nail varnish and the band-aid, you should find that the skin tag has changed color or fallen off completely.

If the skin tag has vanished, then job done! If not, then wait a few days, and it should fall off on its own.

8. You are advised NOT to do this procedure on your face in case you get nail varnish in your eyes. If you do, then you should wash out your eyes with cold water and seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Another way to remove a skin tag, which is safer and more effective, is via the Tommy Timmy Spot Blaster Pro.

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