What causes anal skin tags?

Anal Skin Tags


What Are Anal Skin Tags?

Anal Skin tags are an excess growth of skin on the anus. The actual cause is unknown. However, we do know that it is generally due to excessive tension caused by clothes or rubbing against skin.

Anal skin tags are a select type of skin tag that appears on or around the anus or rectum. An anal skin tag compared to other skin tags is usually tiny, measuring a few millimeters in diameter.

What Causes Anal Skin Tags?

Anal Skin tags are caused by the friction of clothing or skin rubbing together. The friction could be due to sitting for too long or having loose-fitting clothes.

Anal skin tags may also be caused by regular diarrhea, as acidity can irritate the skin. Skin tags are NOT caused by cancer and are NOT an indication of any other disease.

Anal Skin Tags are often caused by rubbing clothes against the skin.

Do Anal Skin Tags Bleed?

All skin tags may bleed if they are cut or rubbed too much. Since they are in or on the anus, they will probably be more likely to rub against other skin than if they were in another place on the body. You should avoid them bleeding as this may lead to infection, which can also cause other complications.

If there is bleeding, then it is more likely that the bleeding is from Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are different from skin tags and should be treated very differently.

There is unlikely to be much blood or any at all from anal tags

How To Remove Anal Skin Tags

There are several ways to remove anal skin tags. The hardest thing about them is that they are in a very sensitive area, so the usual solutions may not be suggested. If you have a skin tag, then you should seek medical help so that you don’t harm that sensitive area. You are advised not to try removing them yourself.

The removal process is straightforward and will take a qualified doctor or dermatologist only a few minutes to do. The whole appointment need only be around 30 minutes.

Skin tags can be removed by visiting a doctor or a dermatologist.

Are Anal Skin Tags Cancerous?

Anal Skin tags are not cancerous. Skin tags can be confused with moles, which may be cancerous. There is no need to see a doctor if you have skin tags unless they bother you, and you want medical advice on how to remove them from your anus. 
Skin tags are benign growths of connective tissue rather than being malignant like a cancerous tumor.
While skin tags themselves are not cancerous, you should keep an eye on the area in case some other marks or moles appear that may be more sinister.
We don’t advise that you use the Spot Blaster Pro to remove anal skin tags in such a sensitive area. However, the Spot Blaster Pro is excellent to remove skin tags anywhere else in the body.