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Is Body Hair Too Manly For Women?

Body hair is completely natural for both men and women. It’s a part of being human. Just like having eyebrows or eyelashes. At some point during the course of history, in some cultures, people have decided that having body hair is somehow inappropriate, especially for women. In Ancient Greece, for

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hyperpigmentation during menopause

17 Ways To Prevent Hyperpigmentation during Menopause

Melasma, or hyperpigmentation of the skin, is a common condition that affects women about nine times more often than it affects men. Hyperpigmentation during menopause can be caused by genetic predisposition, inflammation or damage and hormonal changes, and is most often attributed to ultraviolet exposure from sunlight.  First we’ll explain

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Does Wearing Sunscreen Lower Your Vitamin D Level?

If you wear sunscreen are you at greater risk of developing vitamin D deficiency? A recent study looked at the connection between wearing sunscreen and vitamin D levels. This study used real people who frequented the beach instead of using a laboratory study with simulated light. The study demonstrated that

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7 Foods You Can Eat For Thinner Body Hair

Do you find that your body hair grows thicker than you want? Or maybe it sprouts up in embarrassing places? Unwanted body hair is a common problem that no one wants to experience. It can happen on areas like legs, arms, and armpits, or in more visible areas like your

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Does Vaseline Get Rid of Skin Tags?

Skin tags are growths on the skin, connected to the skin by a thin stalk known as a peduncle. They are extremely common in both men and women. These bumps are also more common among the elderly, overweight, and people with certain medical conditions or diseases. Although skin tags are

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Raised Mole

How To Remove A Raised Mole

Moles are skin growths that appear at any part of the body. Further, they can occur either in groups or alone and are black or brown. Additionally, they can be raised or flat. Moles usually appear in early childhood or within the first 20 years of one’s life. A typical

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Menopause And Hair Loss

Hair Loss During Menopause Menopausal hair thinning is a common condition that most women suffer from as they enter the perimenopausal and menopause stages. Hormonal changes, weak immune system, hereditary factors, and nutritional changes are some of the things that can trigger hair loss. Although this condition is usually considered

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Methods of Removing Facial Hair

Effective methods of removing facial hair include: Shaving It’s one of the easiest and also the fastest method of removing facial hair. Shaving can be

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