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Can Red Light Therapy Fade Age Spots?

Red light therapy, or photobiomodulation, is a therapeutic technique. It uses low-level red wavelengths of light to treat many skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, and age spots.  Red light is used increasingly to reverse signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It also helps reduce scarring (like acne scars)

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7 Foods You Can Eat For Thinner Body Hair

Do you find that your body hair grows thicker than you want? Or maybe it sprouts up in embarrassing places? Unwanted body hair is a common problem that no one wants to experience. It can happen on areas like legs, arms, and armpits, or in more visible areas like your

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Best Ways To Remove A Tattoo

Best Ways To Remove A Tattoo Without Busting The Bank

As the number of people having tattoos increases, the number of people having tattoo regrets also does. People with tattoo regrets are beginning to look for ways of how to remove their tattoo. Tattoo Regret There are times when we like something so much at some point, that we etch

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How to Remove Skin Tags Naturally & Safely

People generally like their skin to be clear and free of blemishes, so the sudden appearance of a skin tag can send many people into a panic, even though their presence is generally considered harmless. Harmless they may be, but no one wants these odd skin protrusions, and most would

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Waxing Your Eyebrows at Home

Waxing typically involves spreading a sticky and viscous substance over an area to remove hairs. It is allowed to harden then it is quickly torn off. Waxing is a cheap, quick, and effective way to remove hair, but it might cause some pain. It can keep unwanted strands from growing

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Methods of Removing Facial Hair

Effective methods of removing facial hair include: Shaving It’s one of the easiest and also the fastest method of removing facial hair. Shaving can be done in the morning, just before you begin your day. You can do it by using an electric or disposable shaver. What makes it a

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Get rid of facial hair quickly and permanently

Remove Facial Hair Permanently & Quickly: Best Ways For Women

Remove Facial Hair Permanently One of the issues that women experience as they age is removing unwanted facial hair and how to remove facial hair permanently. Although unwanted hair growth is a widespread problem, it can also be embarrassing, depressing, and demoralizing. A common question women ask is “Why do

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal. Does it work?

Want To Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoos? Laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure that aims at permanently removing unwanted tattoos. Laser tattoo removal utilizes skincare technology that facilitates permanent discoloration to fade the tattoo. Utilizing this technology allows victims to have tattoos of different colors, shapes, and sizes removed.

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Does Wearing Sunscreen Lower Your Vitamin D Level?

If you wear sunscreen are you at greater risk of developing vitamin D deficiency? A recent study looked at the connection between wearing sunscreen and vitamin D levels. This study used real people who frequented the beach instead of using a laboratory study with simulated light. The study demonstrated that

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South Beach Skin Lab

South Beach Repair and Release Cream Every 60 seconds, your body sheds over 30,000 dead skin cells. That’s gross! But it’s also why your skin loses its shape, sags, and fails to keep its tone and texture. Dead cells can also cause fine lines and dark circles around your eyes,

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