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Is Body Hair Too Manly For Women?

Body hair is completely natural for both men and women. It’s a part of being human. Just like having eyebrows or eyelashes. At some point during the course of history, in some cultures, people have decided that having body hair is somehow inappropriate, especially for women. In Ancient Greece, for

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12 ways to wake up looking 5 years younger

12 Ways To Wake Up Looking Five Years Younger

For most women, changes in the skin are usually the first telling signs of aging. Wrinkles, age spots, dull skin tone, thin skin, skin that easily bruises, and saggy skin are some of the issues women have to deal with. You can’t escape aging (it’s better than the alternative), but

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Do Skin Tag Removers Work On Moles?

Remove Moles with Skin Tag Removers There are many different ways to remove skin tags whether at home or by doctors. These include: Removal tools. Freezing the skin tag. Cutting it out. Drying the skin tag out using electrodes. Creams that can be purchased from most drug stores. Some moles

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What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are more of a mild irritation than a medical problem. Those tiny little pockets of skin that seem to grow out of nowhere are in fact harmless and in most cases don’t cause much discomfort although they may be a little weird and ugly. What causes skin tags

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Removing Skin Tags With Nail Varnish

Removing Skin Tags With Nail Polish

Does Nail Polish Remove Skin Tags? You can remove skin tags with nail polish. However, you are advised not to as there are dangers in removing skin tags with nail polish. If you choose to ignore our advice(!), then these are the steps that you should take: Clear Nail Polish

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Causes of Facial Hair in Women

There are a number of reasons why many women have facial hair. First, it is natural, and all women have hair on their faces. It is part of our evolution that hasn’t entirely disappeared. However, there are some other more nuanced reasons also. Adrenal gland disorders: Adrenal gland disorders often

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skin tag on tongue

What is this skin tag on my tongue?

You may have a little bit of extra skin on or under your tongue.  The likelihood is that this is a skin tag. So, what is a skin tag on your tongue? It is a growth like a mole but is usually not harmful. However, you may want to get

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Getting Rid Of Toe Hair

Do you have unwanted toe hair? Have you ever wondered why some people have visible toe hair while others don’t? Is there a way to permanently get rid of it without resorting to painful methods such as shaving and waxing? Here we will explore the various ways by which one

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The Difference Between Moles and Skin Tags

Moles and skin tags are two of the most common skin blemishes. While most of the time they are benign, they can be unsightly and irritate. Since many people don’t know the differences between them, they don’t know when it’s appropriate to seek out medical attention. So what is the

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Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time for soon-to-be moms, but it can also come with some unexpected changes to the body. One of these changes

Getting Rid Of Toe Hair

Do you have unwanted toe hair? Have you ever wondered why some people have visible toe hair while others don’t? Is there a way to

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